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Thread: Windows 7: How to change user account control settings

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    Windows 7: How to change user account control settings

    Well I was of the opinion that installing Windows System will be a boon but I have seen here that on this new Operating System I cannot make the changes for User Account Control Settings here. I am logged in as the ADMINISTRATOR but when I try to make the changes there. I have noticed that the levels of UAC cannot be changed here. Being logged as administrator I can make all the other changes there. Please let me know what can be done here so that I can be out of the issue here. In the User Account Control Settings dialog box whenever a click is made I have seen that it does not make any change there. It seems as if the dialog box has no effect at all. I have tried to make the click on the OK button there a number of times but yet I cannot see it working here. Please let me know if there is any way by which I will be able to get this working here. I was using Windows Vista before this but was never caught with such issue there. Any help in the matter will be appreciated a lot.

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    Re: Windows 7: How to change user account control settings

    Well it seems that you had not heard about the issue before. Well it was observed with Windows Vista as well in the early stages. Now in order to overcome the same issue in Windows 7 you will be required to see for the steps below: In the Control Panel select the option System and Security. Actually you will be able to amend the User Account Control (UAC) settings with the help of Action Center. Looking at this scene Microsoft has launched a file called as FIX IT and this file is specially designed in order to overcome this issue here. You can go to this site and make a click on the FIX IT icon present at the bottom. After that just follow the instructions there and I am sure that this will solve the issue of yours there.

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    Re: Windows 7: How to change user account control settings

    You can do one thing if you do not succeed with the above step there. Well if there is usually the issue with the PC the safest option is to use the SAFE MODE. Please see if you can go in the Safe Mode and make the changes for the UAC there. To go in the Safe Mode please reboot the system with all the CDs, and DVDs out of the drives. When the system starts to boot up; start pressing the F8 key. Now in the Safe Mode log in to your computer with the user account that has the Administrator Rights. Once you are through the steps then see if you can make the changes in the UAC and see if the clicks in there really work in the manner as it should do. Report me about the same and let me know if you are welcomed with some other error instead.

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    Re: Windows 7: How to change user account control settings

    If you want you can try to make the amendments in the Group Policy for UAC and see if that really can fetch you the right solution there. In addition to that please make sure that you try the safe Mode option at the first and in addition to that also do one more thing; try to make one more user account there and see if you can make the changes to after this there. Regarding the Policy settings that I was suggesting; click on the Start icon at the bottom and in the Search box type secpol.msc and then press enter and a wait for the new dialog box to open there. Then search for the UAC Settings there and try to change the values and see if any of the above things helps you in getting out of the issue there.

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    Re: Windows 7: How to change user account control settings

    If you are aware of the Registry and you like to play with that then let me tell you that you will be able to get rid of the issue. But please working with Registry really has a lot of difficulties. Here is the step that you will have to follow:
    • Click on the Start icon
    • Click on the Notepad icon or write notepad in the Search box and then press Enter
    • You will have to copy the following lines in that Notepad there:
      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    • After the successful completion of the pasting you will be required to save this file as UAC.reg.
    • Double click on this UAC.reg and then click on YES
    • After that you will be able to see another Dialog Box and in that box as well you will be required to click on YES option
    • Finally click on the OK and see if the issue gets solved here.

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    Re: Windows 7: How to change user account control settings

    The issue of the UAC setting getting disturbed on Windows 7 because of installing Microsoft Office 97. Yes it is really the case and if you might have installed that there and hence you must be getting the issue as well. In addition to that the issue is not going to get resolved even if you will be uninstalling it. So the scenario is such that you will be required to make use of the Fix It that is available at this site: . Follow the instructions that you get after clicking on the link and see if this really solves the issue of yours.

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