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Thread: windows 7: Not able to access newly created user account

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    windows 7: Not able to access newly created user account

    Hi all, I am here with a problem in my Acer laptop, which is running with the platform of windows 7. I am having a administrative account, along with that I also create a new guest user account. I basically use this machine for my study purpose and along with some times play some games and for watching movies and some other video clips in my machine. The machine is also use by my younger brother for access internet and for playing games. That’s why I created the new user account for my brother. I usually log into the machine by the admin account. Now the problem is, the newly use user account is not opening though I tried a best as per my knowledge about this issue, but not able to do anything. What should I do? Any suggestion on this problem will be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: windows 7: Not able to access newly created user account

    I would like to suggest you if you are able to open your machine by the administrative account, then strat your machine and then go to the user account option under control panel, now click on the user account by which you are not able to log in into the machine. Make sure that the settings and the permissions of that account are configured properly. If still the problem arrives then I recommend you to delete that account and create a new one ion your machine. Before applying the mentioned process, try by once to start you machine by the user account user name and password and check whether the setting of that account are proper or not. If the problem still occurring then follow the above mentioned process to remove and create a new one.

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    Re: windows 7: Not able to access newly created user account

    As per my opinion this problem might be occurred for the deleting the user account either by the command prompt or by the Windows Explorer, if this deletes then this will not be shown to the security identifier of the profile registry. If this happened then try to recover the profile by using the windows operation which is known as ProfileImagePath, by this process I hope you will be able to locate the deleted profile from the registry editor. Now if possible then try to access that profile or delete that one and open a new one by the windows process to create a new user profile.

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    Re: windows 7: Not able to access newly created user account

    Also according to my knowledge about this type of problem I think the user profile is removed from your machine, and can be done by the command prompt or some of other registry editor missing. If you can able to locate the missing registry editor then locate this one and reload into your machine. Because I had the similar issue where as I found that the profile is missing for its registry key, then I research about this problem and found that there is one way to overcome from this problem. I opened the registry editor and locate the desire registry key, and simply copy and paste that key into the profile registry path. Suggest you to go for this process, if there are any registry editor issue in your machine then by this you will be able to resolve the issue. Otherwise deletes the profile from registry key and create a new one. For that go the advanced option under the system properties, now from there open user profiles and from there click on delete option, be remember that while you are doing this process you need to log in your machine with the other user profile or the admin profile.

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    Re: windows 7: Not able to access newly created user account

    I thing the problem might be for the windows platform that you are using, I suggest you to recover the machine n in a point where you did not experience this problem. For that log in to your machine by administrative account user name and password. Now go to the accessories and then open the system tool menu options, form there click on system recovery option. Select the desire date and time where you did not found any problem in your machine regarding the software or the hardware. After the complete process reboot your machine and try to log in your machine by the user profile. I hope this time you will be able to do this. I told you this process, where as I had the similar issue, but after did this technique now I can able to log in my machine by the second user profile. Otherwise there is only one way to resolve this issue, and that is deleting the existing one and creates a new one. For that you need to log on your machine by another user profile or if you have any admin profile in your machine.

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