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Thread: black screen in the first start up Windows 7

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    black screen in the first start up Windows 7

    So like the title I have a problem when I first start up Windows. I installed it without any problem and when I first start a black screen with the bottom right labeled Windows 7, trial, number 7100 and the computer is frozen the top nothing happens. If anyone knows why and how it will help me solve this problem a lot. Thank you for your answers.
    • Motherboard Asus A8N SLI Premium
    • Geforce 8800 gts
    • 2.5GB of ram
    • 160GB hard drive

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    Re: black screen in the first start up Windows 7

    This problem has already been resolved, finally, if I'm not mistaken. Actually your problem is the dual video output, and the fact that you have probably a DVI / HDMI enabled on your GC so just turn your TV / second monitor to see that Seven took out the video faster by default and it's not one that has at its tip your analog monitor is a classic. But yeah, I looked for a good while to find that my display was part of the second video output. So these only the issues may be there so just try to fix this.

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    Re: black screen in the first start up Windows 7

    Exactly the same problem here, I tried with DVD, USB ... also tried to make an update to my vista and I have an error to 20 30% same for the installation from windows on another disk. And all attempts by the boot DVD and USB have finished at the same point. Trouble-free installation, reboot, reboot and stuck to the screen with black listed "trial version" I have tried to reboot in safe mode but that is impossible when I first start up Windows 7. Thank you in advance for your help.
    My Config:
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    • P5B Deluxe
    • Geforce 8800 GTS (the same that above)
    • 4GB Ram
    • 250 GB HDD

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    Re: black screen in the first start up Windows 7

    you have to previously manage to install another solution or software because some manufacturers set up boot that prevent the change of bone. Check your bios options Otherwise a downloaded file through Microsoft fixes my issue so try to re-download via Microsoft's servers of course (for p2p is also available but no one knows that it comes). So this could be the possible reasons which raise this issue. So go for this I am sure that you will get the fix.

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    Re: black screen in the first start up Windows 7

    A Big thank you friend. I really did not think that having my tv plugged into my 2nd DVI to block me like that for 2 days. Anyway thank you again and congratulations for all the help you guys offer this forum. Because I have faced this issue from long time and regarding this I have visited many of the forum site but not able to get the appropriate solution for this but after trying the solution which is given over here my issue gets absolutely fixed. So I am just thankful for this.

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