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Thread: Windows 7: administrator account is turned into guest account

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    Windows 7: administrator account is turned into guest account

    In my Dell Inspiron laptop which is pre-installed with windows 7 platform along with that 3GB RAM and 320GB hard drive. the machine is compatible with the NVIDIA high definition graphics driver and by default there is an administrator account created which I purchased it. I am not having so much technical idea or the advances option those are applied in today technological world. These is only one account in my machine, no other user or guest account, now the problem is that I am facing an problem with that administrator account. In the last few days back, while I tried to make some changes in the security option of the windows version, it requires to insert the administrative password to begin the process, shows that the administrative account is turned into the guest account. But there is no place to insert the password. Not able to do any windows operation. What should I do to overcome from this problem? Any input regarding this will be appreciated greatly.
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    Re: Windows 7: administrator account is turned into guest account

    Start your machine in safe mode and start pressing f8 after the manufacturer logo will appear into the screen. This will prompt you to insert the user name of the admin account without the password, or might be, by default the user name of the administrative account will be placed. Now enter into the control panel and then proceed to user account, select Manage another account option and select level for the user account. Now reset this one with the user account and then click on Apply or OK option. Reboot your machine and try to do any windows operation by the using of administrative password and user name.

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    Re: Windows 7: administrator account is turned into guest account

    As per my knowledge about this, in every machine there a default user account this placed in the user account tab and this should be hidden. If you r machine is also having this account, then I suggest you to enable this. For that you need to start the commend prompt by the administrative password and user name. or you can open this by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcut from your keyboard, select the administrative prompt. Now type and insert the following command into the prompt “net user administrator /active:yes”. It will notify to successfully terminate the command, log out from the prompt, it will shows you two option of user account one of then must be the Administrative account type. Enter into the account and change the password or you can also delete or enable the account.

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    Re: Windows 7: administrator account is turned into guest account

    I think the account is corrupted and if this happens then you will not allowed logging on into the machine by this user account. I recommend you to go for the any other user account, if you not having any existing user account in your machine, then create new one and log on to your machine with that user account. Go to the control panel and under that go to the user account tab and from there click on new account option, insert appropriate user name and password if require, by this user account you will no need to insert any user name or password while you are execute any software program.

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