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Thread: How to copy an initial user profile in to a new profile in windows 7

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    How to copy an initial user profile in to a new profile in windows 7

    Using a Dell inspiron laptop from more than 1 year, I created 4 user profiles in my machine. Which was working fine till the last days, but from yesterday I am facing a peculiar type of problem in my machine regarding the user profile. Whenever I tried to log on into the machine with any one of the user profile, other one is creating problem, it shows a padlock, not able to log on into the account, I was tried to copy some of the files from one user account to another account, but the machine is not allowed me to do this. What should I do? How to copy the initial user profile to a new user profile?

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    Re: How to copy an initial user profile in to a new profile in windows 7

    First of all I would like to suggest you to check whether your machine is connected with the Domain or a Workgroup. If this connected with the workgroup, then this type of problem might be occurred, and for this you need to change the user account setting. The padlock is indicates that the user account is protested by the user name and password. Go to the properties option by right click on the desktop screen and from there look for the machine sharing, if this in a workgroup, change the user account permission. Now reboot the machine and tried to open the machine with any one of the user account that you created in your machine.

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    Re: How to copy an initial user profile in to a new profile in windows 7

    Log on to your machine by administrator username and password, not open the control panel and proceed to user account option and from there delete the particular user account, by which you are facing the problem while you are willing to log on to the machine. This process will work if the problem is regarding with any single or a particular user account. I am also having the experience of similar problem, and by this process I simply fixed the problem, I recommend you to go through this process. And in future if it needed then create the user account again into your machine.

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    Re: How to copy an initial user profile in to a new profile in windows 7

    Copy the user profile by which you are facing the problem. my younger brother was also did this, where as he was also facing the similar issue, and by this the problem is solved, there is no padlock in any user account. To copy the user profile go to the properties by right click on my computer, now go to Advanced tab, under that click on User Profiles under setting option. Select and click on the desire profile that you are willing to copy and click on copy to option. In the copy to box you need to insert the path of user's profile folder, you can either insert the path or can browse the folder path from your machine and click on OK. This will notify you after the successfully copy the user profile. Try with this, will sure help you.

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