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Thread: Is there any way to move pictures around in a folder

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    Is there any way to move pictures around in a folder

    Here my problem is: Shifting picture files around within a folder. While I attempt to drag and fall images files within a folder to progress the order as I did with windows XP, the files return to their unique place within the folder. How can I shift images around within a folder? Anyone have any idea about this because I am not understood how to perform this or how I can move pictures files.

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    Re: Is there any way to move pictures around in a folder

    You cannot yourself reorganize the files or pictures by dragging within the folder in Microsoft Windows 7. This modify is by design in Windows 7. You can just uncheck the alternative to auto arrange icons on the desktop and can utilize it just on the desktop. If you have any anxieties or feedback with respect the problem or any other Microsoft application. If you are referring to the Arrange by date, size, and so on then you can motionless perform that by just Right clicking and choosing Sort by option in the drop down menu while inside the picture or file folder.

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    Re: Is there any way to move pictures around in a folder

    I am checking the internet for days in the wish to discover a way out for this trouble to shift pictures files around within a folder. I wish Microsoft realizes that lots of people have the similar trouble, not just those that work professionally, but as well people that just want to move their pictures in the folder and after that rename them in that novel position, as it utilized to occur with windows XP. Please repair this trouble which for me is a genuine big trouble and send us an update, improved yesterday than tomorrow.

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    Re: Is there any way to move pictures around in a folder

    I completely must have the drag and drop feature within folders to function in my professional capability. I am a photographer and drag images into the sort I require them to emerge in slide shows and additional correlated applications. With that feature immobilized I will be obligatory to rename every picture in the order I wish to resort them and after that utilize your sort function. Far more time consuming and labor intensive than exhausted and dropping images into the order I desire. I understand that you think the novel sort and investigate functions are more advanced and instinctive but few of us have developed a professional workflow which relies on abilities you have currently determined are needless. My aggravation is strong. I just exhausted three days moving from my old computer to a novel unit running Windows 7 64 bit in order to advance the functionality of my Adobe software just to discover that one of the most individually helpful features in Windows has been immobilized.

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