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Thread: Insufficient Privileges as an Administrator in Windows 7

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    Insufficient Privileges as an Administrator in Windows 7

    Hello friends, I am the user that has skipped through the Vista OS and after that I went straightforwardly through the Windows XP OS pro to the Windows 7 pro. I have several programs which do not run, or else it is unable to set up due to inadequate rights that are the insufficient privileges. I am an administrator and with the entire of the secured problems. I run as an administrator on a daily basis while trying to install several programs. Some of the programs mostly not succeed to run even though I did the run as administrator. I run the program and in shows the Insufficient Privileges this program must be run as an administrator the first time. Run as admin I get the similar error. What can be the issue? Please help.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges as an Administrator in Windows 7

    Try to add everyone through the properties and create each and everyone as the file owner. Give everyone the full authority. Check whether it helps you out. Also perform it in the Safe mode. Also you should have to turn on the hidden administrator account and then try to run it form that. Check which one help you out and then inform as soon as possible which helped you out.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges as an Administrator in Windows 7

    Even after you are the administrator, confirm that have you right clicked on to the file that you want to set-up and select it as the Run as Administrator and also with the Antivirus turned off. Also there should have to be UAC enabled, and also even you are the Admin, you should have to run in their user context. I think that the other thing you can try is to right click on the installation file, and from that click to the properties and then check whether there is the unblock file. This may sometimes takes place while copying the file.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges as an Administrator in Windows 7

    I was also facing the similar problem, trying changing wherever you are installing it to a previously made and named file. For the instance there is the new folder then you rename it to the x3 if you want, after that you install it in the same directory. Also as far as the Windows 7 is concerned it gets fussy when building or creating the new fresh folder. Any how I hope that this will help you.

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    Re: Insufficient Privileges as an Administrator in Windows 7

    You need to first have to turn on the Hidden Admin account. Also keep in mind that you truly should not use this account for any of the things rather than the troubleshooting. Important thong is that Enable the Built-in Administrator Account. For that you should have to open the command prompt within the admin mode by right clicking and selecting the option Run as Administrator. In that you should have to run the command: “net user administrator /active:yes” with no quotation mark. Now you will get the message that the command concluded successfully. Then you Log out, and you’ll now view that the Administrator account as an option.

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