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Thread: What should I install 32-bit or 64-bit Linux

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    What should I install 32-bit or 64-bit Linux

    As most of you can make out, I went forward as well as I installed Ubuntu 10.0 on my current AMD dual core machine. Now the question take place: should I install the 64 bit edition or the 32 bit version because I have installed 32 bit linux on my current machine I question because I want to take the advantage of all 4 GB of RAM on my machine, or should I just remain with the 32 bit edition for a while? So any know what should I do then please reply me on this post as soon as possible. Help will be appreciated.

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    Re: What should I install 32-bit or 64-bit Linux

    With no a scientific set of target this one is really hard to make out which one is better. Most of us think one allocation "feels" quicker than another though others oppose. I will be sufficient to say that no one has up till now establish systematically that the 64-bit version of Linux obtainable today are considerably faster in performance than their 32-bit counterparts. the majority "64-bit" edition of the application are really just recompiled edition of the 32-bit code, with no optimization that would take benefit of the new characteristics these chips suggest and perhaps increase performance. If you're looking to use 64-bit since you think it will be a most important improvement in speed. So you will need to reconsider it again.

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    Re: What should I install 32-bit or 64-bit Linux

    As the compatibility concern not all application which is running on 32 bit may runs on 64-bit Linux because of the compatibility issue. Though there have been 64-bit inhabitant Linux distributions for numerous times the software group has however needs to fully squeeze the technology. As of the occasion this post was written, there is no 64-bit edition of the Macromedia blaze Plug-in for your web browser, for occasion. WINE as well as the Java VM has been recognized to origin problems on some 64-bit installations also. Not all hardware has 64-bit drivers up till now the two mainly important display card makers (ATI and Nvidia) do have X86_64 edition of their drivers, but they are unhappily the exemption rather than the standard.

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    Re: What should I install 32-bit or 64-bit Linux

    If you planning to install in a machine that has more than 4GB of RAM, you'll require to use the 64-bit edition of your allocation because 32-bit operating systems are only capable to hold up to 4GB, maximum. There's just not sufficient memory addresses for extra. This is normally not a trouble for desktop users, but it might be a worry for servers or high-end workstations. So if you are to run it on your home pc then I don’t find any difficulty to run it.

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    Re: What should I install 32-bit or 64-bit Linux

    As many computer Companies has proven in current years, there's an unpleasant most of people will do just since they assume that 64 bit system have a nice look and feel. So they feel “cool” about this version. This is possibly the one reason why most of people select to use 64-bit Linux: it's a neat idea? So depends on the people we can give just advice whether to use or not. To some people the thought of using a 64-bit local operating system on their 64-bit CPU is just as well cool to go. These people recognize the drawbacks to using a bleeding-edge system as well as accept the additional work concerned.

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