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Thread: Lost administrator privileges to C Drive

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    Lost administrator privileges to C Drive

    While I right click on C drive and seem at security there are three users. That is genuine users, administrators and system. Administrators and system have the whole thing checked apart from "special permissions". Authenticated or Genuine users have unique permissions checked and write as refute with not anything else checked. I am scheduled as an administrator. I expect something in Microsoft Windows 7 runs me as an authenticated user and not actually as an administrator therefore I lost access. How do I get it back?

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    Re: Lost administrator privileges to C Drive

    Just want to ask you few questions to know your issue perfectly.
    1. What makes you think that you are logged on below an administrator account?
    2. Which folder are you annoying to open?
    3. What occurs while you twice click it when in Explorer?
    4. If you have boxes in the Deny column marked do you know who might have completed it?

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    Re: Lost administrator privileges to C Drive

    1. I am the just user and while I look up users it shows my name as administrator.
    2. I am annoying to open the C drive in Explorer.
    3. I receive the message: "c: is not accessible. Access is denied."
    4. I did it as I was annoying to setup an additional user account for my sister to utilize the computer and required to limit her to read just on the C drive.

    I am speculating if I will have to totally reload Microsoft Windows 7 to get access once more. Since I cannot perform recovery either it will mean going out and buying a novel program.

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    Re: Lost administrator privileges to C Drive

    There are quite a few measures you can take before reloading Windows. Here is one of them:

    1. Reboot into Safe Mode.
    2. Log on as Administrator.
    3. Click on the Start
    4. Type the cmd
    5. Push CTRL+Shift+Enter
    6. Run the process as Administrator.
    7. Enter the below commands and push Enter later than each:

      takeown /f C:\ /a
      cacls C:\ /E /G administrators: F everyone: C
      md C:\Test

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