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Thread: How to recover lost Windows 7 RC product key

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    How to recover lost Windows 7 RC product key

    I am using the computer from the last three years and I am using windows XP up till now but recently I have changed it to windows 7. I have upgraded it with windows & but I am getting the problem is that when I have doing the fresh installation I found that I have lost the product key which was there with windows 7 which is very necessary to install the operating system. I want to know that is there any possibility to get the product key from somewhere if yes then please assist me to get the desired solution. Thanks in advance for the solution.

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    Re: How to recover lost Windows 7 RC product key

    If you misplace your product input, now leave back again to the Download page and start the setting up procedure once more you will be inquire to come in your Windows Live identification, and after that you will observe your product input you were initially issued. You be able to then utilize this product input to make active your software you don't require to download the operating system once more. I hope this will help you get the desired solution to you so I think you should try doing this.

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    Re: How to recover lost Windows 7 RC product key

    As you have specified that you have lost the key and you need to install windows 7 to the system but unable to do so because you have lost the product key so I would like to tell you to use a tool called Keyfinder Pro, can the product key of the currently installed Windows 7 license read easily. The tool is free and easy to find the keys. Some users report that this tool contains a virus. Please use a current necessarily. First, the practical tool manufacturer Web site to be downloaded. After downloading the tool can be started directly. It then shows him the product key of Windows 7 and if a Microsoft Office package is installed, even on this. You can print out the keys directly from the program or save as a text file. The tool also works with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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    Re: How to recover lost Windows 7 RC product key

    So I'll try using to describe my problem: I have a new laptop without operating system. Then I tried to install Windows XP, but this did not work simply, no idea why. So I have time for the fun of the 7 RC, I downloaded a few weeks ago have installed until I noticed that I lost the product key. So then I came back and no longer first because I could not reinstall windows 7, as soon as the DVD I made clean again, I was at the point: Key type I was actually desperate, yet. I'm just a couple of times pressed ESC, and suddenly I was Get on the user interface since then never again asked for the Key question. How is this possible so now I have though it, But there is nothing, so he reads the driver is not CD, and I can also configure the Wi-Fi is not what can I do here and also. I have downloaded the German version, but could not select German and have now all English, even annoying. So now I'm grad s new laptop and it piles up a question mark after another in front of me.

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