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Thread: Installing Windows 7 Pro requires USB/DVD Driver

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    Installing Windows 7 Pro requires USB/DVD Driver

    I am trying to install the Windows 7 Pro on my machine which has a 750 Gig Hard drive. I am using an .ISO image DVD to install this operating system on my machine. It does not show any problem initially for starting an installation. But after sometime, I am getting an error that it needs a USB/DVD Driver which seems to be missing on my machine. I am using a Sony DRU810A DVD rom. Can you guys help me to solve this issue?

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    Re: Installing Windows 7 Pro requires USB/DVD Driver

    I have tried searching for the drivers of your Sony DRU810A DVD writer but it seems to be hard finding the drivers for this writer. I have got some information about this drive where people were saying that there are no drivers available for this drive and it has became much annoying for its user to use this drive on latest windows operating system.

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    Re: Installing Windows 7 Pro requires USB/DVD Driver

    It sound weird that some hardware does not have its driver to make it working on windows operating systems. I guess this writer won't be needing any drivers to install for make it working. I think your writer has the similar kind of case where it won't be needed to install any driver on your machine. But the thing is I have got such information about this DVD drive to run it on Windows XP operating system. It is but obvious that Windows XP driver won't be working on the Windows 7. But you may try to use some other DVD's windows 7 drivers on your machine but make sure that drivers should be of Sony's drive and it would be even better to have drivers of same series of the DVD drive.

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    Re: Installing Windows 7 Pro requires USB/DVD Driver

    I suggest you to try to use the same driver from the Windows Safe Mode. You need to reboot your machine for it and then keep on pressing F8 key when your machine starts. You would be having Windows Booting Options where you have to select for the Safe Mode with or without Networking. Once you have got into safe mode then check that have to got the same error or not.

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    Re: Installing Windows 7 Pro requires USB/DVD Driver

    It could be an incompatibility issue as if there are no Windows 7 drivers for the hardware that you want to use on your machine. This hardware seems to be working with the default drivers on windows xp machine which is not working for it when user is running windows 7 operating system on it. I think you have to stick with the windows xp or windows vista only which lets you use this dvd drive.

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