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Thread: Problem with newly installed windows

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    Problem with newly installed windows

    Hello people, how are you so long? I have here a problem that is driving me crazy. I just installed windows xp sp3 without problems on an old pc. AMD Athlon XP 1700 + 512 MB RAM 2 things happen but do not know if they have something to do with each other:
    1 - At startup, when he shows me the info of the bios detects the IDE disk and I get a message "Primary the channel no 80 conductor cable installed"
    2 - Still booting the machine and dps of the welcome screen, the monitor makes a flash and is all black, apparently slows the album too. But when I start in Safe mode
    Windows starts normally. Any idea what could be happening? 2 errors will be the same problem?

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    Re: Problem with newly installed windows

    I think it is because of the cable issue because of that like this is happening. Sometimes back around three month I have also faced this kind of issue but then I have checked this and my problem get solved. So you just change this and after that see this I am sure that you will get the solution. And ya if you get the solution after doing this then please tell me over here.

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    Re: Problem with newly installed windows

    obviously it was not cable problem, the message appears at first but the windows still starts only fail safe mode. As for the jumpers, the IDE drive is on master and I have a CD drive in slave. I had saved to disk, remove it to put on this machine and installed on windows format. In the case of missing drivers chipset, which seems most likely, if installed in Safe Mode, it might solve the problem?

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    Re: Problem with newly installed windows

    Proceed to access Safe Mode, uninstall all drivers again and THROUGH the device manager, namely the VGA. After changing the data bus 80hilos, you could reformat the system and see if playing the same anomaly. So just try this I am sure that after trying this you will be able to get the solution of your issue. I am saying this because I have also faced like this issue.

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