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Thread: Windows 7 and Scanner Epson Perfection 3200

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    Windows 7 and Scanner Epson Perfection 3200

    I want to set Windows 7 Ultimate, and want to decide bit between 32 and 64. With Vista I've used both versions. On 32 bit, the system recognizes the scanner Epson Perfection 3200 Photo, with 64 bit I have found no way. Is this in Windows 7 too? Or Microsoft offers improved detection at this point? Or works as the mode under XP 64bit so that I scan virtually in this mode and then processing the scans in Win7. I think there right? Or please put me more into the picture. I think the trend is towards 64-bit, I would much rather use this version. My current PC: Vista 32, P5-board, 4 GB RAM, CPU: Q6600.

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    Re: Windows 7 and Scanner Epson Perfection 3200

    I would ask you also shall advise the Windows 7 64 bit version to take so if you want to increase the memory once installed, have no problem because of the 4 GB RAM, hardware-based limit on x86 systems. There are not that many programs do not support added to 64. Then you install the Windows XP mode. Your Q6600 processor supports 64-bit, but it works perfectly even with 32-bit. You must have the hardware Virtualization Technology . Enable Mode of Windows XP in Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 and Windows 7 Ultimate available only.

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    Re: Windows 7 and Scanner Epson Perfection 3200

    I have Epson perfection 1250th There are no drivers for 64bit w7. And as I have seen, the Epson Perfection 3200 Photo, there is none. Should it be due to the Twain? No matter. I brought my scanner to run. Everything in the mod install XP and make sure that the necessary Under "all users -> start menu" are, because only the looped out to be. XP mod created in the Start menu of a submenu of w7 XP Mod: "Windows XP Application Mode" and then the applications are to retrieve. Just click on it and go scan. In your software (in XP Mod) I was scanned items on clearance in the pure w7 environment embedding. There they are convenient for further processing. XP-Mod has limited options.

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    Re: Windows 7 and Scanner Epson Perfection 3200

    For anyone who has read along and also have driver issues with older devices to consider the following: A clean installation and deployment of equipment - that is, without supplied software - is not in XP mode only. For the XP mode is only applications from XP to Windows 7 out available, but no devices. In this particular case, the scanner is not installed on Windows 7 and cannot be accessed by other applications or via the TWAIN interface directly from Windows 7 out. Hope this helps some more, since I already had many similar requests.

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    Re: Windows 7 and Scanner Epson Perfection 3200

    Same issue over here at present I could try this driver. Unfortunately it did not bring the desired results. I only got the message that everything was already installed (wrong). So for me is clear: this will not work. Remains for me and in this my 2nd Question: Should I prefer to win as a 7-bit 64-bit version or get than 32. I think the XP mode is then bit also by 64. And if my scanner is as recognized? On the other hand, I think the future will be bit by 64. Could you describe to me your thoughts yet?

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    Re: Windows 7 and Scanner Epson Perfection 3200

    What it has to do with what I achieved and then described? A USB FULL bone can in XP mod installed, configured, and embedded in an application. Only activation in the USB menu please do not forget. I've never used my scanner without speak any application, so the above is unnecessary. By the way - a simple webcam is to "Scanner and Camera Wizard (XP mod)" out of XP mod for enough. But if you want to give the image with eg Skype on, Skype must be installed in XP mod and there connected with the webcam. Then it starts as expected under Windows XP mode applications.

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