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Thread: windows 7: showing error in page file

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    windows 7: showing error in page file

    Recently upgrade my Dell machine from windows vista to windows 7 platform. facing a peculiar type of problem in my machine after the upgrade, the problem is after log on to the machine, it simply opens the advanced performance options window will open for the setting the page file size. So regarding this, it’s clear that there is a problem with the page file. Along with that it also shows that the machine is creating a temporary page file into the windows log folder. Then I checked into the root drive, but there is no pagefile.sys file in the folder or the windows log file.

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    Re: windows 7: showing error in page file

    I found this problem in one of my friend machine also while he and, me searched about this problem over internet. We found that this problem is might be solved by change the file size and the order of the windows files, but this can happen only after log on to the machine by administrator. He did this, and by this he can easily solve the exact problem that you mentioned in your post. Log on to the machine by enter administrator user name and password, now enter into the root drive of your machine and from there look for the pagefile.system, I think by log on as administrator you will be able to see that page file in your windows drive. Right click on it and go to the properties. Change the pagefile size and reboot the machine. Go through this process, this will definitely resolve the issue.

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    Re: windows 7: showing error in page file

    To reduce the pagefile size, go to the start menu, under that proceed to "Control Panel", in that window look for the System icon, double click on that option and from the properties option proceed to Advanced tab, click on settings from this tab. Now click on change option under virtual memory option. Click on hard drive which is contains the pagefile.sys in your machine. If you don’t know that one, then i general this file is situated in primary drive. Look for "Custom size" button, this contains page file settings option. From there set the desire size of your windows page file. Along with that change the value with a smallest one and click on OK. Restart the prompt for checking whether all settings are applied properly or jot. Now reboot the machine to apply the changes.

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    Re: windows 7: showing error in page file

    Similar issue in my HP computer which is running with windows 7 64-bit system architecture. I mainly use this machine for gaming purpose, now the problem is that, from very few days I am facing a peculiar type of problem. After log on to the machine, it shows that the pagefile is not available in the machine. And system freezes for some times reboots automatically. I have no such information about this problem, is there anyone having any information regarding this problem?

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