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Thread: Is there any way to automate a series of keystrokes

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    Is there any way to automate a series of keystrokes

    For instance, while I release my wireless modem it necessitates the below sequence of keystrokes:
    • Ctr+alt+I- Enter- Password- Enter-Enter and so on.

    Is it possible to setup a solitary command to begin the whole sequence of keystrokes? If anyone has any idea then please provide me a few help, because, this is very useful for me and also wants to know more about this series of keystrokes.

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    Re: Is there any way to automate a series of keystrokes

    Generate a text file and paste these lines in and name it whatever you want but with .vbs extension. In this instance it cuts and pastes between two windows. See following for send keys documents.
    Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject ("WScript.ÂShell”) 
    WshShell.SendKeys "%{ TAB} ^c %{ TAB} ^v" 
    [Above sends Alt + Tab, Ctrl + C, Alt + Tab, then Ctrl + V]
    After that put a shortcut to the scripts right click it and select Copy, to Desktop, a sub file of the desktop, or on the Start Menu someplace right click Start and select Open and right click an empty area and select Paste Shortcut and put a hotkey for the shortcut. See help, but right click shortcut and select Properties and appear on the general tab - many keys are not available. You may wish to know these extra commands. WSHShell.Run ("c:\command.exe", 0, True)

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    Re: Is there any way to automate a series of keystrokes

    Specify if to stay at this command until the program started has exited. True it does and false it does not. Appear in the Shortcut's Properties of the Start Menu shortcuts to observe a few command lines. You can as well place document names in and have the Open command run on them.
    Check out some Window Style:
    1. Hides the window and turns on one more windows.
    2. Activates and exhibits a window. If the window is minimized or maximized, then just restore it to its unique size and situation. An application should state this standard while displaying the window for the initial time.
    3. Turns on the window and exhibits it as a minimized window.
    4. Turns on the window and shows it as a maximized window.
    5. Turns on the window and shows it in its present size and situation.
    6. Sets the show state based on the state of the program that in progresses the application.

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    Re: Is there any way to automate a series of keystrokes

    Just sends your program to snooze for the milliseconds particular. Occasionally you may require doing this to provide the receiving program the ability to route your commands as you are blocking it from operation by sending it keystrokes or extra frequently to provide a process sufficient time to finish.

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    Re: Is there any way to automate a series of keystrokes

    I have been appearing for the similar thing for an extended time. I just establish an immense book called: Bot Programming: Intelligent Automation for Windows Applications and Games. The below Windows Automations Are enclosed:
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    3. Application precise Mouse Clicks with Millisecond Timing
    4. Throw Individual Key Strokes among Timing Control
    5. Opening Remote Applications
    6. Sprint Automated Bots with Windows Scheduled Tasks
    7. Act upon Screen Captures
    8. Make use of Pixel Recognition for Intelligent Decisions
    9. Applications and Games Butted

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