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Thread: Install software for limited user account

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    Install software for limited user account

    I have not at all setup other than one account before, but I require setup one for my family and limited would appear to be the way to go. Each time I run a setup program, it asks me which user to utilize. I attempt the limited one and it does not effort, so I attempt punching in my brother’s name as administrator, but acquire an error about don't have permissions, I unable to install anything. I endeavored to seem it up in Microsoft’s article: KB, but the closest thing I could find referred just to games and told me to momentarily setup as admin, install and return to limited. Please advise me there is a simpler way.

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    Re: Install software for limited user account

    The NT family of products that is Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP all need that a user account have administrative rights or privileges to setup software. This may be well in a corporate setting where IT needs to contain control over hardware and software configurations. But for home and small office surroundings this necessity can be a bit much and quite tricky to understand. The simplest way out is just to confirm your brother’s account has administrative rights. The further solution is to boot the system in safe mode, and log in with the general and built-in account of administrator and setup software. So this is the simplest way to solve your problem.

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    Re: Install software for limited user account

    My friend as well contains the same problem. She asks me to solve her problem but I don’t have any idea about this. So here, you are saying that even though the entire point of giving her husband a limited account is arguable since he wants to log in as her that is admin to setup software? If she modifies his account to admin, he won't let her modify it back. It sounds quite backwards to me. I thought I could just enter the admin name and password and I could setup in whichever user account.

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    Re: Install software for limited user account

    Here at this point I must want to ask you that, Did you know that the XP home and Professional are different? There is dissimilarity between XP home and Professional. With the latter you can setup a power user who can setup software. With the previous you have the admin or limited user account.

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    Re: Install software for limited user account

    Your understanding is right, but what may not be obvious to you is that there is no limit to the number of accounts which can have administrator rights. In other words you can set it so she is not the just Administrator, but any other too. Arguably you don't wish anyone to be administrator; this would prevent conscious installation of software or hateful installation of software like Trojans or spyware and so on as unexpected changes to any system are the source of the majority troubles. Having one administrator means one person conscious of all change made to the system. A main disadvantage of having all users set to limited user privileges in a separate computer environment as opposite to a network setup with a server or domain controller is that antivirus programs won't update except the user logged on is an administrator.

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