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Thread: EFS encrypted files unreadable

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    EFS encrypted files unreadable

    I have just encrypted a folder using EFS but recently I am not able to open any files. Error code example in Excel 2007: “you attempt to open the file in a format dissimilar from that in the file extension” Error code for PDF's: Error: Invalid file format does not, the source format is PDF Could it be for the reason that the many files and folders was not all encrypted? The "File attributes" have been recognized all over encryption for all files and subfolders.

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    Re: EFS encrypted files unreadable

    I rather suspect that in the encryption gone something thoroughly wrong. What happens if you copy the files to another location and then open it? Or if you know the encryption REMOVED? And please try to give me these information as soon as it is possible for you. So on this issue I will be able to help you in a better way.

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    Re: EFS encrypted files unreadable

    I am also facing the similar kind of issue and in this when I copied files to an unencrypted folder and open from there: same error message. Encryption lifted: old files before encryption in the folder can be opened; the encrypted files in the folder are not copied. What might have gone wrong with the encryption? Delete the certificate and create a new one?

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    Re: EFS encrypted files unreadable

    I do not want you to "fix" your old files to back can. The question is whether the same problem occurs again, if you encrypt another folder. Can you even sometimes with free copies of files. I am also the issue of encryption not as acute. Search again in a search engine for efs. Maybe you can get something out there. Otherwise I have to fit. Sorry. Maybe you answered yes anyone who has more experience with it.

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    Re: EFS encrypted files unreadable

    I have the encryption turned off as much time on processes and services try after a reboot, the files could not be read. But I have the same expenditure shown; a. Txt file could also be encrypted and will continue to read With Pdf’s or other files again the old familiar problems. And if you have any other solutions then please help me? Consider me to revert to a solution with True Crypt.

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