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Thread: windows 7: How to turn off Num Lock at logon

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    windows 7: How to turn off Num Lock at logon

    Can anyone here tell how to override the Windows 7 Home Premium setting Num Lock, during the log on screen. I think the BIOS is set the NumLock disabled at the start up of my machine. Though along with that I am giving some specification and platform in formation that I am using. It is a HP Compaq laptop with windows 7 platform, the machine specifications are 2gb RAM along with that 320gb hard disk. There is no other problem in my machine with that platform that I m using. Any information regarding this topic will be appreciated greatly.
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    Re: windows 7: How to turn off Num Lock in at logon

    As per my knowledge the num lock status is stable in the machine if you shut down the machine. and again waking up while you turn off the machine, means that it will runs overall the process in your machine, before on and after start the machine. Yes this is possible to change the setting of num lock at log on. You can do this from the registry editor. Open or run the registry editor and locate the registry path “HKEY_USERS\.Default\Control Panel\Keyboard”. Enter into the key editor and change the value with 2 as the initial Keyboard Indicators. But be careful about the method, this is quite confidential, I suggest you to change the registry editor value, back up the files under that for the security.

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    Re: windows 7: How to turn off Num Lock at logon

    If you are using the Microsoft keyboard then this is simple to turn off the keyboard input during the log on to machine. Done by me , and this is the simplest way to turn off the keyboard setting from the machine. For that you need to download and install MS IntelliType software in your machine. if you are willing to disable only the num lock setting in logo then , go to the user account folder, from there select the key USER \Default\Control Panel\Microsoft Input Devices, select the keyboard input method, you can also apply new key instead of numlock key. From the key windows select create new key for keyboard, select the desire one and click on OK. To disable the numlock key simply change the String Value of numlock, either into 0 or OFF. For this change you need to proceed to USERS\.Default\Control Panel\Microsoft Input Devices\Keyboard. Also one extra trick to do this process is downloading the registry file for your machine from web site.

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    Re: windows 7: How to turn off Num Lock at logon

    By a simple script you can do this, first of all you need to create notepad file in your desk top and there write the following script and save the file with "numlock.vbs" file format.
    set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    WshShell.SendKeys "{NUMLOCK}"
    Now go to start menu and insert by type mmc in search command prompt. This will appear the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) window, from the console window select Add/Remove Snap-in option. In the group policy section insert the default object if this one listed, otherwise browser the object from your machine. Now in the group policy windows select the mmc file which you created earlier, double click on the object file and click on add option, after adding this file you will be able to choose either enable or disable option. Close the Group Policy Management console and reboot the machine. Try this it will help you surely.

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