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Thread: How much power does it take when Rebooting a PC

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    How much power does it take when Rebooting a PC

    Hello friends I have got an unusual question from my Electronics teacher and he has told me to get the information of this tomorrow. The question is that he has asked me to find out how much power does the CPU take when we try to reboot the system. I have searched every where in the internet and I am still unable to get the exact information. So can any one help me to solve this problem as I have to answer this question to my teacher tomorrow itself.

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    Re: How much power does it take when Rebooting a PC

    I think allot of power is consumed for rebooting the system because it will clean up allot of stuff form the CPU and also will cause the system to start from the very fresh state. So I guess that since the reboot is concerned will all the CPU related activities and also the clean up process so I think that the answer will be that the Reboot will generally take much more energy as compared to the hardware components that are inside the CPU.

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    Re: How much power does it take when Rebooting a PC

    Well if you are looking for a perfect answer in terms of volts then I would reckon that it will be difficult to find out the exact rate because the rebooting will scan the memory that is there in the CPU. So more the memory more time it will take to span and eventually more power is required. Also, it depends on the extra amount of hardware that is present in the CPU so the volts may vary at every attempt when you to reboot. The exact answer would be that the the more memory the more power and less memory the less power does it takes to reboot. I hope you will be able to understand this to your teacher.

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    Re: How much power does it take when Rebooting a PC

    Hey I think that you will get the approximate rate of the power that will be required to reboot the CPU using the ohms law, for this you have to measure each and every unit of power that is supplied to the CPU and then using the law you have to calculate P=E*I, this will help you find the current that is applied during the time of rebooting.

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    Re: How much power does it take when Rebooting a PC

    Hey I would want to ask that is there any need to reboot the system daily, if yes than why. What are the functions that is performed during the rebooting. What will happen if we don’t reboot the system. I just want to know because I usually keep my system on and just switch off the monitor if I don’t have any other work to perform. So can any one give me a quick advice for this problem.

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