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Thread: Windows 7: REALTEK NIC driver version is broken

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    Windows 7: REALTEK NIC driver version is broken

    I have computer that has Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, that has Intel core 2 Duo Processor @3.2GHz, 2GB RAM and 500GB hard drive, and the motherboard of Gigabyte's GA-MA74GM-S2 7400 RT, I have only one problem that I got error message of realtek NIC driver, while I install its driver, this updated version I got from internet. I can’t hear any audio voice from my speaker, because of only this reason. Do you have any solution about this problem then by which I can fix this thing, please give it to me, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Default driver information:
    Provider: Realtek Corporation
    Version: 7.002.1125.2008 built by: WinDDK
    Please help me to come out from this kind mess, I need tom know that what the hell is happening to my system.

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    Re: Windows 7: REALTEK NIC driver version is broken

    This type of problem you might face if your system has lost the sound driver or you have Bymistakly updated your NIC driver wrongly, means different one from your system compatibility, so before updating check your driver detail properly, and then install it from Microsoft site, think over this suggestion, I hope it work with you.

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    Re: Windows 7: REALTEK NIC driver version is broken

    If your on-board NIC chip might get corrupted or has some kind of sort on board, you have to suffer from this kind of problem. If I were at your place then I will only call any hardware engineer, by which you will get your perfect solution, I am telling you this because I have suffered from this problem, I have tried everything means reinstall that driver, but nothing happen, so after getting bored with this thing I have called hardware engineer, he has solve my problem, by just replacing on-board chip with new one. Try this out, I hope that it work on your system.

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    Re: Windows 7: REALTEK NIC driver version is broken

    ----- You can fix this kind of problem, by simply rolling back driver in your system. To solve this problem, open device manager in that you will find NIC driver just select it and go to its property, in that look for rollback driver, this rollback driver move your system state to last stable state means before update. If you are updating any driver, then I would like to recommend you that only install driver from windows update. From my side I have only this solution, just make it happen, try your best.

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