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Thread: Thumbnail previews for MP4 video in Windows Explorer for Windows 7

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    Thumbnail previews for MP4 video in Windows Explorer for Windows 7

    I comprise two systems on two split machines, one with Microsoft Windows 7 64bit and the further Windows 7 32bit. My MP4 videos produce thumbnails in explorer appropriately in the 32bit system, but the similar files just demonstrate an image in the 64bit version. I have previously unchecked all the folder alternatives for thumbnails previews in folder and computer advanced settings in addition to locate the folder to demonstrate thumbnails.

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    Re: Thumbnail previews for MP4 video in Windows Explorer for Windows 7

    This might be a problem with the registry settings on the computer.
    1. Click Start and type regedit in Start Run.
    2. Right click on: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.mov\shellex\
    3. Backup the registry file
    4. After doing this remove “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.mov\shellex\” KEY
    5. Release notepad and paste the following commands.
    6. Save it below anything name.reg and here take care to make use of “all file" class of type file.
    7. Twice click on the regedit file you just saved, it will reinstall the shellex inside the .mov key here: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.mov with the right keys and matter.
    8. Close registry editor and confirm.

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    Re: Thumbnail previews for MP4 video in Windows Explorer for Windows 7

    Have attempted the whole thing I can to attempt to get QuickTime videos to be viewed at thumbnails in Windows Explorer, but just Windows AVI and DIVX videos will be previewed as thumbnails.
    I endeavor following things:
    1. Setup QuickTime updated this week
    2. Setup the K-Lite Codec Pack Basic and chosen to enable thumbnail previews for every video type
    3. Searched the web for ideas.
    4. I even attempted this command: regsvr32 shmedia.dll
    5. Attempted rebooting a number of times.
    6. Looked through Folder Options and rearrange to defaults.
    7. I attempted setup this freeware that enables FLV videos to be previewed in Windows Explorer hopeful it would boot begin whatever the trouble is.
    8. I attempted appearing for Web View below Folder Options to permit it, but it is nowhere to be found below Windows XP SP3.
    9. I attempted re-saving the MPEG4 or mp4 extension as a QuickTime Movie and after that exporting the video for the web in the three iPod, iPhone and Desktop formats and that did not work also. They do not obtain previewed below Thumbnail view. I am at a defeat what else to attempt.

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    Re: Thumbnail previews for MP4 video in Windows Explorer for Windows 7

    Here are some steps how I resolved this trouble and at present every video files demonstrate thumbnail previews inside Windows Explorer.
    1. I uninstalled K-Lite Codec Pack
    2. I rebooted Windows XP SP3
    3. I setup the XVID codec
    4. I rebooted Microsoft Windows XP
    5. I setup the K-Lite codec pack
    6. Since I previously had XVID and DIVX setup, I unimpeded XVID and DIVX below the DirectShow Video Decoding Filters.
    7. I turned on H264 and selected "ffdshow" in its place of utilize system default
    8. I shaped file relations for make use of with Windows Media Player, permitting the defaults to be chosen automatically.
    9. I left QuickTime unchecked for the file associations.
    10. I twisted on thumbnail generation for every file types.

    I completed installing K-Lite Basic and behind that rebooted Windows XP.

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    Re: Thumbnail previews for MP4 video in Windows Explorer for Windows 7

    I contain many video files that I make use of for VJ events. I attempt to place videos in to QuickTime format, but after that I mislay the ability to observe thumbnails in Windows Explorer. Here is how to allow thumbnail previews for QuickTime .mov video files, flv and MP4 video files. Here I have a folder with a wmv file, which Explorer will exhibit thumbnails for automatically, I as well have a few .mov and /mp4 files, and as you can observe, thumbnails are displayed! Extremely helpful for finding the correct clip.

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