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Thread: Significance of Upgrading Window XP 32bit to Windows 7 64bit

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    Significance of Upgrading Window XP 32bit to Windows 7 64bit

    At my home I have installed Window XP 32bit and now I am willing to upgrade my system after I heard the functioning of Window 7. But I didn’t know how to upgrade my system. And also I want to know that what are the benefits of Window 7 as compared to Window XP? And if I upgrade to 64bit will I have to install fresh copy of Window 7? And I have to reinstalling all that I have installed. Please help me in up gradation of my system.

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    Re: Significance of Upgrading Window XP 32bit to Windows 7 64bit

    I would like to tell I have never heard that you can update your Window XP 32bit to Window 7 without a clean installation. I have to give you idea that clean install and an upgrade are unlike things in fact you can say they are different. An upgrade is just "modify" your current Operating System to the fresh OS and a clean install wash out your old Operating System and installed the fresh OS. Windows XP can't upgrade to Window 7 it means for that you need to do a clean install. For that you should back up your whole data and be ready to reinstall all the software that you want.

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    Re: Significance of Upgrading Window XP 32bit to Windows 7 64bit

    Hello! Friend if you are trying to upgrade you xp to Window 7 without installing the fresh copy, then let me tell you that it is not possible. But in order to enjoy the Window 7 then you can install the Window 7 in other drive then the drive you have install XP. By doing these you will be able to enjoy both the operating system. But one thing you should keep in mind after installing, if you are trying to uninstall XP then you will also lose the working of Window 7. Because Window 7 is sit on the Window XP drivers.

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    Re: Significance of Upgrading Window XP 32bit to Windows 7 64bit

    In order to install a fresh copy of Window 7 you will have to follow the below seven steps,before going to this steps go into the BIOS and change the Boot option to CD/DVD:
    1. At first you should insert the Windows 7 bootable DVD into your DVD drive. After inserting DVD restart you system.
    2. After restarting your computer you will get the order to press any key and after pressing you will get the instructions.
    3. Select the language you want to choose on "Install Windows" page, and then select the "Next" button option.
    4. It will give you the license page and terms and condition of Window 7 accept that select the next button option.
    5. After that you will be asked installation type there select Custom and click next.
    6. Select the drive you want to install and Click "Next."
    7. After finishing it will restart and do certain customization of time and date.
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