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Thread: In both 'Normal' and 'Safe' mode windows 7 freezes frequently

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    In both 'Normal' and 'Safe' mode windows 7 freezes frequently

    hi all,
    Having a windows 7 compatibly HP laptop, which was working fine till yesterday, suddenly there is problem occurred in my laptop to run the windows environment. I checked all the setting with the setting which I configured in my machine, but found no fault. I also tried to run the machine in safe mode there the same happens, what should I do to solve the problem why this type of problem occurs, I am not able to run the windows 7 in both safe and the normal mode. i searched everywhere for the solution, but found nothing which will fix this issue, so i am here looking for any solution for this. Is there anyone having any solution for this? Any information about this will be appreciated.
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    Re: In both 'Normal' and 'Safe' mode windows 7 freezes frequently

    I think by restoring the window the problem might be solved for tat you go to the start menu of the window and then go to Accessories option of the window, proceed to the system tool option where you will found the system restore option, click on that option. It will ask you to select the restore time and date or the system restore. Select the date, in which you did not encountered the problem. Try this I hope this will definitely help you. I had the relevant issue with the operating system and did this; it works, so I recommend you to try with this.

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    Re: In both 'Normal' and 'Safe' mode windows 7 freezes frequently

    I suggest you to upgrade the device of your machine, especially the BIOS and the graphic interface driver. Before that repair the whole computer by inserting the windows CD or DVD in the CD/DVD ROM drive. After inserting the disk boot they machine by pressing f8 it will open the operating system installation window in your computer screen, look for the reset option, click on the option it will reset your window into a fresh environment. This is also helping you to take cleanup of your window files. The entire unused files of window will be removed during this operation. Now try to start up the windows, I hope this time it will not freezes in your machine.
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    Re: In both 'Normal' and 'Safe' mode windows 7 freezes frequently

    I am having the same problem; while I turn on the computer it does not perform all the operations, the window freezes continuously. I am using the window Vista environment. After that I tried to start the window in safe mode, but there the same thing happen, it start in the first attempt but again it start responding slowly and after few minutes it freezes, I have to reboot the machine then I can able to run again the windows to complete my task. I tried everything according to my knowledge, but did not found any positive response to fix this. Anyone her can suggest me any solution for this problem?

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