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Thread: How to Create Acer Aspire One bootable recovery USB flash drive

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    How to Create Acer Aspire One bootable recovery USB flash drive

    I have an Acer Aspire One and have been using it from the past 12 months. There is nothing problem with my system hardware and its performance. The only thing is that it won’t boot at all. When I insert the Linux CD or DVD (original) on my Disk Drive I get the message showing me that “this is not a bootable CD. Please insert the bootable floppy and press any key to continue…”. I even don’t know how to use the Recovery DVD for Linux V1.0.11. In any manner I want to recover my system and make it boot perfectly. What should I do for this? If you have any idea please post me. I will be very thankful to you,

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    Re: How to Create Acer Aspire One bootable recovery USB flash drive

    Which Linux Distribution you are currently using and what is your RAM capacity in your notebook? I need those answers first. If you are using the older version of Linux then install the modern version of distribution such as Fedora 13 and Ubuntu 10.04. I installed those in my system and I got both of them working well and fine. You can put the System Recovery CD/DVD on USB drive using any special windows or Linux software

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    Re: How to Create Acer Aspire One bootable recovery USB flash drive

    You can restore your Linux without using the CD. The main thing you want is the recovery file. You can search in internet and download it. This download files mostly in the compressed form. So you have to unzip it using any software such as 7 Zip, winzip or winrar etc. Next task is to write those unzipped recovery files to your USB thumb drive. It is the step where most people don’t understand what to do. Copying those files to the USB stick will not work. You have to write the whole thumb drive with the recovery file. It is same as we burn the ISO file to CD or DVD. You may need special software to overwrite the drive. After that you are ready to plug in and boot from it.

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    Re: How to Create Acer Aspire One bootable recovery USB flash drive

    Most of the DVD disk drives fail badly when you messed something related to system registry or system 32 file corrupt. Using the ALT+f10 command the Acer’s e-recovery “ ghost drive” will be set up to boot. So when your system started booting press aly+f10 command. The recovery windows will appear. Here you can clear out everything and can start with a fresh OS. Otherwise you can just repair it. When you hit the repair option the system creates a backup file in the OS source partition. This back up file contains the documents and settings and also the user files.

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    Re: How to Create Acer Aspire One bootable recovery USB flash drive

    There are several Linux distribution out there those will work well on your Aces aspire one. But you easily set up for installation using the Windows computer. There is one good utility available for windows called unetbootin and enable to burn the ISO file to CD and then use it create a bootable thumb drive. If you are just suffering from the corrupt bootloader , the use the live CD of any Linux Distribution that use grub bootloader to fix the Master Boot Record (MBR). If you want to switch the distribution then I will urge you to go for Ubuntu. It is the most popular and easier distribution. You can create the Ubuntu bootable USB thumb drive very easily using Unetbootin.

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    Re: How to Create Acer Aspire One bootable recovery USB flash drive

    I tried it in my Windows PC by using the 1GB flash drive.
    • Open the Fedora project webpage and download the iso image file.
    • Download and install unetbootin on your PC
    • Now burn the iso image to flash drive using that software
    • Select your system boot option to USB and boot your flash drive.
    • Open Applications>System Tools >Terminal and type the following commands

    find /boot/grub/stage1
    root (hd0,3) or root(hd0) [choice from the previous command]
    setup (hd0,3)".
    And at the end reboot the SSD. Not the flash drive.

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