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Thread: windows XP: While accessing webcam Browser crash

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    windows XP: While accessing webcam Browser crash

    I am having the windows XP compatible machine, which is usually using for the stream videos and to make online video chat. Browse the internet sites in the Firefox browser. The problem is while I go for the video chat from my web cam the browser is crashed, and it not happens the single time, every time while I tried to do the video chat. I searched everywhere for the solution, but got nothing. What should I do to overcome from the problem? Any other information regarding this problem will be helpful for me to fix the issue.

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    Re: windows XP: While accessing webcam Browser crash

    I suggest you to reset the Internet Explorer it might be help you to fix the issue. For that first you have to exit from all the applications that are running on your machine. Also close the Internet explorer browser if it is opened. Type inetcpl.cpl and insert this one in the run option of the start program. It will open the internet option dialog box of the machine. Go to the advance setting option of the internet browser. Click on the reset option under the Reset Internet Explorer settings option tab. After the finishing the reset of the internet explorer close the reset dialog box and again start the internet explorer connect with the internet and they web cam, I hope this time you will not got any problem.
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    Re: windows XP: While accessing webcam Browser crash

    Make sure that the camera that you are using is enabling the access of the access of the web cam with the internet. Be sure that the camera is using the USB connectivity with the inbuilt microphone, make sure that the option of the "Audio-Video" is enabling, if this will enable then after the connectivity the Video Broadcaster window will appear. If this is not like that then click on the allow to appear the Broadcaster window. Bring the Flash Settings Dialog by right click on the Video Broadcaster; make sure that the setting of the web cam is properly configured. If this not properly configured then reconfigure that. I hope this will help you.
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    Re: windows XP: While accessing webcam Browser crash

    Relevant issue with the internet connection on my Acer computer, along with that using the web cam for stream the video and to video chat with my friends. I am using the Mozilla Firefox browser for the internet access along with that . I encountered the problem with the web cam while I tried to stream one video, it shows the error with the browser, and the error message look like the "Error signature AppName: firefox.exe AppVer: ModName: ModVer: Offset: 000aba97". I got the error message in both of the Firefox and the internet explorer browser. What should I do to fin the issue?

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    Re: windows XP: While accessing webcam Browser crash

    I am using the webcam for the local application, using this one with the Skype application. My problem is almost similar; while I attempt to play the web cam online game with the web cam at crashes the browser. I properly check all the applications those are using to play the game. But found nothing. I also checked that Flash settings, I make it in allow playing the game mode, but still facing the problem. While I click for loading the game in the browser it immediately crashes the browser, I must have to close it from the process tab of the task manger. The browser is Internet Explorer and after encountering the problem I install the Google Chrome, this is also giving the similar issue to play the game with the web cam. Any idea on this?

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