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Thread: how to play You tube video in Ubuntu?

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    how to play You tube video in Ubuntu?

    I have a a Lenovo laptop with intel dual core processor @2.0 Ghz ,1GB of RAM and 160 GB internal memory. I use Ubuntu 8.04 as an operating system.Since few days I am facing an issue with my O/s. I browse the Youtube website, try to play the video but I am unable to do so. It shows that the windows is buffering but the video does not play once the buffer is complete. So can anyone sort out this problem and tell my How I can watch the videos?

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    Re: how to play You tube video in Ubuntu?

    You did not mention the name of the application you are using to using to play the video, It may be possible that the application you have in your system does not support the format of the video. There are many such applications which are restricted to a very few formats. For example traditional Windows media player does not support all the file formats without the codec being installed in the system.

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    Re: how to play You tube video in Ubuntu?

    Check whether you are able to video using the web browser once the video is buffered. It might be some small temporary problem and we think it's the O/s that is not letting the video to play. But still you can check following points:
    • It will not play if the video no longer exists.
    • Some videos are age restricted i.e only meant for a certain age group.
    • Providing invalid Account details.
    • Alteration in Youtube settings.
    • Connection failure.

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    Re: how to play You tube video in Ubuntu?

    It also depends upon the application on which you are playing the video. If you are using a VLC player, it may be possible that the VLC player is playing an invalid file or the buffering of the video was not done properly. It often happens that the video is buffered in the remote directory. Try to buffer it in the home directory and play it on the VLC player from the home directory itself rather than the remote one,I think this will definitely fix your problem.

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