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Thread: Best Linux Operating System version

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    Best Linux Operating System version

    I am having been using my laptop from past few months and for the i am running Windows operating system. But now i wanted to installed Linux version on my machine possibly with the dual boot and it should be very user friendly like Windows operating system. If anyone know, which is the best Linux version then please reply to me. Any suggestions will appreciate. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Best Linux Operating System version

    I am using the Ubuntu version of Linux operating system and i think it is very user friendly than others. I have been using laptop for an year, initially i was running windows XP but then i moved to the Ubuntu. From that time its giving me good performance mare than windows XP. There is a new latest version of ubuntu is available, you can directly download it to your machine or can install it by using the CD or DVD.

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    Re: Best Linux Operating System version

    In my point of view Window XP is more user friendly to work on, however if you want two operating systems on one machine then you can go with Fedora, for that you have to use the different hard drive for installing them. I have seen many machines, that runs on the two operating systems without any damage to machine. You can also switch between the operating systems which you want to run. I advice you to run the Fedora 14, its been released.

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    Re: Best Linux Operating System version

    I am not agree with the above replies, the best version for Linux operating system is the Mint. The Mint10 version of Linux operating system is very ease to use and run,i think you can easily handle this. Many of the people found Linux Mint10 much easier to use than Ubuntu and Fedora. It having a good sustain for Java and Flash,with media codecs, i.e. you can play anything on it. This is available in the green color with dark Shiki theme, that means its having dark background and light themes. The new Mint-X is the metallic look for available for this. I suggest you to go with this.

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    Re: Best Linux Operating System version

    You should go with the Ubuntu of Linux version, I am having same on my machine and i must tell you that it is very unfriendly and run fast. I don't know about the other two Mint and Fedora.But i can tell you to go with Ubuntu, you will also like to work on it. I haven't tried two operating systems on one machine,if you want to operating system then you have to use VMWare for that.

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