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Thread: What does KDE 4 desktop include?

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    What does KDE 4 desktop include?

    I am currently using Linux operating system on my desktop computer and I want to have the information about the KDE 4 desktop applications. I want to know what it does to desktop interface and about its availability, features and functionality, top KDE 4 applications in market. How can I get the application for my system do I have to buy it or I can have it from the official website. If anyone currently using it please let me know all the advantage and disadvantages of KDE 4 for my desktop computer.

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    Re: What does KDE 4 desktop include?

    KDE is a Windowing Manager and Graphical User Interface For the Linux as well as UNIX operating system and is the one of two mainly accepted desktops for Linux. You can liberally download and install KDE on your Linux system KDE 4 application is the latest version of this application but it does critically lack in functionality and faults. You can copy this application as there is no constraint on copying it. So you can get the application for free from the official website and can use the application on your Linux system.

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    Re: What does KDE 4 desktop include?

    Some of the strong points of KED 4 are :
    • It is an entirely Graphical User Interface similar to Mac OS X and Windows Desktop.
    • It has an exceptional arrangement of File Manager / Web Browser which is called as Konqueror.
    • It is extremely user friendly, contributing wide help approximately all of the time.
    • It has an exceptional control panel for simply arranging your Linux system.
    • It is extremely themeable and modifiable which allows you to make KDE look for your computer as per your requirement.
    • It handles files extremely fine as it know what to do with even files that are distant to the operating system.
    • Its multimedia potential is broadly flexible this allow you with easy of movie, sound and tv/capture playback and recording.

    This all above features make it a great desktop application for your Linux desktop computer.
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    Re: What does KDE 4 desktop include?

    You can have many below mentioned KDE 4 application for your Linux system as :
    1. Yakuake terminal application: supports complete simplicity effects, a variety of color formats and backgrounds. It also has middle-click paste and tabs because of which it is an essential tool.
    2. Amarok 2 Linux audio player: It supports many services such as, Magnatune and numerous other music stores and its latest version have more features to offer.
    3. K3b KDE burning application: K3b is perhaps the most powerful and full-featured and open-source CD/DVD burning application for Linux.
    4. Krusader file manager: it is the initial Krusader version for KDE4 it has twin-panel interface and other powerful features.
    5. Gwenview image viewer and editor: Gwenview supports variety of image formats with superior KDE addition. It has a file browser and thumbnail previews and one of the features of Gwenview is the capability to use fundamental image handling plugins.

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