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Thread: Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

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    Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

    I am running beta versions of Live Mesh and Live Sync on my Mac over the 5 years. It is very nice to sync with every data, So far I haven't been terribly happy with Live Mesh, but it gets the job done, even though very slowly at times. But yesterday when installing the latest verion of Live Sync, which is still in beta I ran across the following error on start:
    "Sorry, there is a problem with Windows Live Sync. Please quit Sync, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, and then start Sync again."
    Please help.

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    Re: Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

    Windows Live Sync and Live Mesh beta. First, people who build use of either Sync or Mesh rely on the services every day to join them reverse to their PCs and sync their significant files across multiple PCs. And second, people desire to be acquainted with why we have two such like services, and how they connect to Windows Live and SkyDrive. So, we’ve listen carefully on making Sync a great application for people that use many PCs – and making SkyDrive a great service for sharing documents and photos on the web. You can use windows live sync with mac. If you've been following us closely, you know we've had two different synchronization services.

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    Re: Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

    Windows Live Sync website open by means of options to arrange personal and shared folders. Personal folders are only easy to get to by the user account creating them as shared folders can be shared by Windows Live friends. The program places an icon in the structure tray after installation which contains links to settings and preferences. You need to Start with a left-click on the icon and the selection of Sync Website. The Windows Live Sync software is available on to website, for Windows and Mac systems actually, as well. The software wants to be installed on every system that needs to be included in the synchronization process.

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    Re: Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

    Windows Live Sync has more than a few limitations. It is for example not recommended to sync data that is in use on more than one computer system as it can direct to sync errors and other problems. The selected folders can be configured alone to either synchronize the folders automatically whenever the PC has an online association and Windows Live Sync is running or on-demand which determination only synchronize the information if it is accessed by a user.

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    Re: Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

    I am using mac beta that is a sync program for mac. For those using other ‘one folder’ sync products, you do not have toward move all your documents to a new folder. Syncplicity will sync them where they are now. For those of you coming from backup products, Present is no schedule option for Syncplicity. The client watches your files for changes and uploads the new versions immediately; it doesn’t wait a least of 4 hours like you may be used to. Just similar with the Windows version, any Mac folder can turn hooked on a Syncplicity folder by right clicking the folder and adding it to Syncplicity. Once it’s a Syncplicity folder, the Syncplicity client will see the folder for change and right away synchronize the changes to your other computers. New and efficient files will be firmly backed up by Syncplicity, past revisions resolve be available on the Syncplicity website, and the latest versions will be sync’ed to your other computers.

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    Re: Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

    I have got myself a few days ago the new beta of Windows Live Essentials viewed, in which Windows Live Sync is also available, yes. Curiously, I've found that the beta client for Mac OS X is better than a lot to the Windows version. No kidding. Two gigabytes of space you can to synchronize different folders on different computers use. What many consider to Live Mesh is known, now Windows Live Sync. Using Windows Live Sync can synchronize only files, not even direct remote sessions are possible.

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    Re: Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

    If you synchronize more than 2 GB, here are two options:
    * If you shared a folder with several people, then one uses Windows Live SkyDrive. SkyDrive has to share 25 GB of storage space and a variety of options that content with others. You can even edit office documents online (also at the same time) and has version.
    * If there are many photos and personal videos in has dubbed Live Mesh, then you can continue - between the computers. With the new Live Sync can synchronize it as good as any number of files between computers.

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