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Thread: Unable to login user account after installing windows XP SP3

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    Unable to login user account after installing windows XP SP3

    I just run Microsoft Windows XP. After receiving the fresh SP3 update, Windows might not discover my user profile when I struggle to sign on. So it created a new user profile for me using my friend's programs. I don't know where my programs are. I tried downloading a "work around" but no disparity. I tried system restore, but it could not restore as my computer had not been distorted. So is there any idea how can I find my profile or how can I solve my problem?

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    Re: Unable to login user account after installing windows XP SP3

    Thousands of people are facing a variety of troubles after the release of Windows XP SP3. The troubles are from installation of Microsoft XP SP3, to post installation issues. All these issues take place because people actually don’t pursue the accurate way of installing the SP:
    In order to make sure that you don’t face such an issue please chases the following steps:
    1. Download the SP3 from Microsoft’s official website or just buy it, if possible.
    2. After this start again the computer and boot your PC in safe mode.
    3. And then install the SP 3.

    This way you can solve your problem. Try this. Your problem must reform.

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    Re: Unable to login user account after installing windows XP SP3

    I think there is some problem with your XP SP3. Just tell me-
    1. Do you obtain any error while you attempt to login to your account?
    2. Do you observe any extra restore points on your PC?

    Just try this one:
    • Attempt to boot into the safe mode and then verify if you be able to login in to your account.

    Or try this:
    • Login to the recently created user account and copy each and every one settings and contents from the earlier user folder to the new user.

    I think this way you can solve your problem. We don’t have more details of your issues. So please provide more details, so I try to solve your problem.
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    Re: Unable to login user account after installing windows XP SP3

    There are more than a few steps required to build the Windows XP SP3 install:
    1. Logged on as the Administrator, which might have need of you to add a registry key.
    2. After this download Windows XP SP3 from
    3. Then install “subinacl.exe”.
    4. Scan for ‘viruses’ and ‘spyware’, as we familiar with that you should never update at the same time as having a contaminated machine.
    5. Just turn off or stop their Firewall application and Anti-virus program.
    6. Run the registry scrap during a bat/cmd file.
    7. Install the Windows XP SP3 Update which you download at present.
    8. Remove the Administrator login from registry file.
    9. Turn on or allow Anti-Virus and Firewall programs.
    10. Try to reconnect to Internet.

    Obviously, this is way too much for the regular user. I act like the enhanced performance with Windows XP SP3 so far-off, but you require purifying the installation procedure.

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