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Thread: How to create a bootabale clone?

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    How to create a bootabale clone?

    I am using MacBook Air having the 128GB SSD. And I have bought a 320GB external hard drive of Iomega for backup all the data and also have to create a bootable clone in it. I have to create partition one for the bootable clone and other for the time machine backup. And also suggest me any special software which use to create a bootable clone on my external hard drive. If anyone know about this then please guide me to this.
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    You can create bootable clone to the external hard drive using the disk utility. Disk utility creates restorable image of your hard disk, but for booting you have to restore it, then only it can boot. Follow these steps, open the disk utility and then go to the applications and then utilities go to the folder, tap the drive and choose the partitions tab and set them as you want. I hope this information may help you.

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    There is a software Carbon Copy Cloner use to create an identical clone and also do a complete back up of you Mac OS. Many of the Mac users use this software for creating backup data and bootable clone. In case if your computer is crash then for easily recovering Carbon copy cloner is use. Your hard drive bootable clone is fully created by Carbon copy cloner. If you are having any other query then please reply me.

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    I have been use a software called as SuperDuper which is specially use for create a bootable clone with the partition in to the external hard drive. Connect you external hard drive using the Universal Serial Bus cable to the Mac then open the disk utilities, you will get drives icon in the left pane and then select the partition pane. In volume Scheme," select one partition and then give it proper name, and tap Apple Partition Map and then click on OK and then click on the apply, select the copy option from which you are getting data and then in to select the newly back up hard drive. And then press the copy now.

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