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Thread: C drive showing "low disk space"

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    C drive showing "low disk space"

    Hello everyone i am using my computer system for 4 years now and since a couple of days i am having problem with my C drive. Whenever i start my pc I get an error message as "low disk space" whereas i have enough memory in my drive. Can anyone help me sort out this problem as i dont know from where the problem is arising. Every time i check my memory it shows different results. This is really frustrating as i am unable to perform important task. Can someone please give me a solution for this problem other than formatting.

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    Re: C drive showing "low disk space"

    Hello, i was also facing the same problem with my system and this is what that worked for me. Whenever you get these kind of messages you should try to defragment your drives. "Defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in file systems".
    To defragment your drive you should follow this options.
    • Right click on c drive and select properties.
    • Select the TOOL tag.
    • Select defragment now.

    After this you should rebbot your pc and see it will work properly, it did worked for me.

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    Re: C drive showing "low disk space"

    If you are getting "low disk space" error then you should go for "disk checking" option which checks for any error in your disk. This also helps in maintaining your disk well increases the performance of your disk.
    For performing "Disk check" you need to go to 'my computers', then right click on c drive, select properties, then go to tools and over there select error check and this start the disk checking mechanism to check for errors if any.
    It is highly recommend to do disk checking in every 2 months to improve the disk life.

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    Re: C drive showing "low disk space"

    Your problem is that you would have directly deleted the files from the system using the delete key instead of uninstalling it. This might have lead to many memory space to be utilized by the c drive. So all you need to do is to run the Disk Cleanup option.
    For this.
    1 Go to Start menu.
    2 Select programs.
    3 Then go to accessories.
    4 Select System Tools.
    5 There you will see Disk cleanup, click on it and your disk cleanup program will start running.
    6 Select C drive and you would be given the list of files to be deleted .
    7 Delete whatever files that you dont and prees delete. This will free your space and your problem will be solved.

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