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Thread: HELP!!! Windows doesnt detect new hardware!!

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    unsure HELP!!! Windows doesnt detect new hardware!!

    Hey guys!

    I have a real brain teaser I need to solve urgently and I'm sure
    you guys can help me out. Here's my issue...

    I've been using an external firewire soundcard for about a year
    with windows vista without a problem for about a year. I recently
    unplugged my equipement and comp and moved to a new place. On
    arrival to my new place I plugged all my stuff together but found the
    sound card driver not being detected in windows anymore. Upon trying
    to reinstall the driver, there is a step that needs me to connect the
    hardware to the comp but the comp doesn't detect the hardware anymore!
    So here's what I did...

    - tried another soundcard of the same model(FA66) with same results. Installed fine but then it
    it stopped being detected like the other one after restart.
    - formatted and reinstalled windows vista on my comp
    - tried different firewire cables
    - tired the soundcard on another comp and it functioned perfect
    - tried another brand soundcard in my firewire ports and it worked perfect, detected it.
    - tried the second firewire port in back with same bad results
    - tried reloading all drivers in my comp
    - tried detecting hardware manually
    - no unknown drivers or soundcard driver in device manager
    - tried restarting computer, unplugged it and still nothing
    - tried seeing if my comp detected it in task manager processes and nothing

    Now the soundcard funcions, the cables are good, my comps ports are good, windows is freshly
    Installed and all my motherboard drivers are loaded and the soundcard has been working perfectly
    for a year.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: HELP!!! Windows doesnt detect new hardware!!

    In case your particular Soundcard doesn’t show up as listed on the search results, than just go to the manufacturer’s website and check out if they had released any updated drivers or software for the same. If it is there, just download and try to install. It should work. Do reply the result.

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