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Thread: Wireless keyboard stopped working.

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    Wireless keyboard stopped working.

    I have silver Apple bluetooth keyboard and it has stopped working in the Finder. Can anyone explain this problem? I usually use the wireless keyboard and when this problem occurs then it can work with all the other things except the Finder. Once this done then I cannot rename the files and not even click all the way through the arrow keys. The finder is not freezed. It keeps on working. This happens to me 3 to 4 times in a day. After I restart the computer the problem disappears for few hours and after that it again shows the same effect. Please help me to solve this issue. I have already tried other solutions that I know to fix it but none of them were helpful. I hope that I will get the exact solution soon. Thank you.

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    Re: Wireless keyboard stopped working.

    Many users have reported this problem and here are the possible steps that one should have follow to fix this issue. You can also try this and see whether it works in your case or not.
    1. First of all you have to create a new user in the system preferences.
    2. Log in to the system as the created user.
    3. See that if the problem is still there with the finder.

    If the problem is not there then this will confirm that the problem is with the user library and once you know the problem then you should make this user as admin and give full access to this user account and delete the previous account and this will fix the problem.

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    Re: Wireless keyboard stopped working.

    Only logging into the separate account is not the solution for this problem. It is just the method to see the exact problem. If in a newly created account which is used first time, the problem does not exist then this states the following things:
    • This is not the hardware problem because that is working in new account.
    • It is also not the global software problem.
    • This is something specific to that user account in which you are getting the problem.

    If the above things are true in your case then this problem is because of a corrupt preference file. I cannot say which one it is but the problem is with the a corrupt preference file.

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    Re: Wireless keyboard stopped working.

    Hi everyone,

    you can try the following, Try to find out the file whose name is Once you find this file then you have to move this file to somewhere else. After moving that file to some other location you have to log out from the system and login again. If you don’t do this then the changes are not going to take effect. This file controls the settings that are related to the Keyboard behavior. This may solve the problem for you. I was having the same problem like you told and got it fixed after doing this and I wish that it will also help you in your case. Thank you.

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    Re: Wireless keyboard stopped working.

    I was also having the same problem and I searched for it in internet and also got many solutions for this but none of them were helpful for me. So I called one of my friends who is expert in computers and he solved the problem for me. You .will see the apple symbol on the right corner on the window and follow the steps screen -> force quit -> select "Finder" and there you have to click on relaunch. This will launch the Finder again. I recommend all the users on this forum who are searching for this solution to do this and you will find the problem gone. I have also tried it to two more computers which are having the similar problem.
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    Re: Wireless keyboard stopped working.

    There may be problem with the driver that you are using. It may be corrupted or not functioning properly and that is why you are getting such issue. My advice to you is to uninstall the driver that you are using and install that again. Reboot the system and see whether the problem occurs again or not. If you getting the problem again then you can download the latest driver which is available on internet and install that in your computer and this will fix the problem if it is related to the driver. In case when I was getting the problem that was similar to yours then I installed the latest driver and it resolves the issue for me.

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