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Thread: Is it possible to remap the volume function keys?

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    Is it possible to remap the volume function keys?

    Hi guys, I want to remap the function keys for volume for my old white apple keyboard because I want to equal the series order of the macbook's volume keys. But I don’t know the way to do that so I am leaving a thread here for this. Please tell me the way to remap the volume function keys. Actually what I want to do is, remap the volume key which are above the numpad so that they can be used in this sort mute, volume down, volume up instead of volume down, volume up, mute which is in old white apple keyboards. If this is possible then please post your idea to do that. Thank you very much in advance.

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    Re: Is it possible to remap the volume function keys?

    I know the simple way to do that.You just have to follow the following simple steps to do this.
    1. First of /all you have to open the plist file with the Property List Editor and there you have to check whether the numbers that currently exist.
    2. After that go to the System preferences and there you have to select Keyboard Shortcuts and in that you can change the function that you want to change from its default.
    3. Now open the plist file again with the Property List Editor and you will find a new numbered entry for the functions that you have created before.
    4. Change the value for the pressed key for F14, F15 or F16.

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    Re: Is it possible to remap the volume function keys?

    If anyone gives the solution for this then it will be very useful for all because Apple has changes the media, screen brightness and volume keys in their new keyboard. Apart from this, I would also like to know that if it is possible to change the keys so that I would require the function keys to right to use the brightness and volume controls etc. This will be very helpful for those who are using the program that is a lot rely on the F-keys.

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    Re: Is it possible to remap the volume function keys?

    Yes, you are right that it will be really helpful for those who use the software that is mostly rely on the function keys. I have the answer for that and this is very easy and very common. You just have to go to the system preferences and from there you have to select the keyboard pane and there you should check the checkbox which has the title says "Use function keys for software features". Once you are done with this then you just save the changes and exit that. Now you are done with this. I hope that this will help you and also the other people on this forum who are searching for the similar kind of solution.

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    Re: Is it possible to remap the volume function keys?

    Why don’t you try the Keyboard Maestro and make NEW MACRO for each volume button and then you can map the function keys. Keyboard Maestro is a influential program which is made for the Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard. You can download the free trial version of it and see how it works for you and if you find that it is really helpful then you can download the full version of it. I am using this software and found that is it very nice program and I am sure that it will help you too for doing the thing that you want to do.

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    Re: Is it possible to remap the volume function keys?

    If you are not able to remap the volume keys then you can also try ‘Spark’. Spark is a free program that is available on internet and you can download and install that on your computer. It has the great feature of remapping the functional key. As you told that you want to remap the volume then for this you have to look under "System" commands” and you have to check the "Display Notification Icon" so that it can be shown on the screen when you change any volume control. The author has done a great job with this you can donate him if you like the program. This is a great program and I know that you will be able to do that with Spark.

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