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Thread: Any way to make a window full-screen?

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    Any way to make a window full-screen?

    I have just jumped from Windows Operating system to the Mac OS X just because i love this operating system so much. Actually i was not aware about the full screen issue of the Mac OS X. I am not able to get the fill screen settings on this macbook. Please help me!! I would be so glad to see this beautiful GUI in the full screen mode.

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    Re: Any way to make a window full-screen?

    In the area of the frame configuration of the virtual machine, you can change settings for the appearance and behavior of the virtual machine in full screen mode to configure. In full screen mode occupies the window of the guest operating system, the entire screen and all controls in Mac OS X and Parallels Desktop will be hidden. You can change the settings in this area even configure when the virtual machine is running.

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    Re: Any way to make a window full-screen?

    You can set the screen corners in full screen action. Once you have defined an active area, move the mouse in the corresponding corner of your screen in full screen mode to see the result. In order for a screen corner an action set, click the field in the vicinity of this corner and choose from the menu the desired action:
    • Window. If you click on the appropriate area, the virtual machine will switch to windowed mode.
    • Crystal. If you choose this corresponding corner then virtual machine from the Crystal display mode switch will gets selected.
    • Coherence. If you click on the corresponding corner, the virtual machine in Coherence - change display mode.
    • Modality. If you click on the appropriate corner, change the virtual machine to the modality-display mode.
    • Menu bar. If you click on the appropriate corner of the screen, which is Mac OS X menu bar and the Dock appears.

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    Re: Any way to make a window full-screen?

    When you put the virtual machine into full screen mode, the following occurs:
    The resolution of the physical computer changes when you install Parallels Tools, or the screen resolution remains unchanged. In the latter case, the screen displays the virtual machine in full screen mode on a black background, if your screen resolution is lower than that of the physical computer. If the virtual machine's screen resolution is higher than that of the host computer, the screen of the virtual machine in full screen mode is provided with scroll bars.
    To screen resolution of the physical machine to virtual machine adapt, select the screen resolution of the Mac in full screen mode to adjust. In this case, the screen resolution of your computer changes every time the virtual machine goes into full screen mode.

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    Re: Any way to make a window full-screen?

    If you have multiple monitors connected to your Mac, you can use in full-screen mode, all screens. this feature to enable the virtual machine, select All screens in full screen mode. If you now change the display mode to full screen mode, the guest operating system on all available screens is displayed. If the configuration of the virtual machine is to be protected from further unauthorized changes, click at the bottom of the window on the padlock icon . If later any user may want the settings in a section of configuration change of the virtual machine, the administrator password is required.

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