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Thread: exFAT or NTFS on mac?

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    exFAT or NTFS on mac?

    I have bought a new 400 GB Western Digital My Passport which i am gonna use on Windows Vista on this PC. When i checked the format of this drive on Vista system then it shows as default one ie. NTFS. By some freaky reason, I am not able to transfer 1080p quality movies that are over 4gb into it. I have tried formatting this harddrive to exFAT and it was not a problem. I know that the NTFS will work on my macbook pro as it has Paragon but i just want to know that will an exFAT work on this laptop or not.

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    Re: exFAT or NTFS on mac?

    Professional NTFSDOS mounts your NTFS volumes Drive letters and Gives Them, So You Can Run applications and use files on NTFS volumes transparently. Professional NTFSDOS IS Enough to run from small has MS-DOS boot diskette So You Can Even access NTFS volumes were system WHERE Windows NT/2000 gold isn't installed cable to boot. Makes it ideal for this repairing corrupt files or configuration problem that Prevent a Windows NT/2000/XP system from booting.

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    Re: exFAT or NTFS on mac?

    I must say that GDB is an amazing tool. When you quickly format your hard drive data is still present, only the list that know each file and its location is erased. Your disk appears as a virgin and if you add data above it will erase the old mercilessly, ignoring their presence. But if you do not write on SD and that you are satisfied with the format and then you use GCB (from another DD of course) you can recover almost all data. On a 250GB drive with multiple bad sectors I managed to recover everything except 5-6 photos that are damaged.

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    Re: exFAT or NTFS on mac?

    exFAT is scheduled to address the problems of FAT32 volumes of 2 TB and 4 GB files (minus 1 byte) in 2009, is a bit lighter. With exFAT, the maximum size of a partition is 64 Zo (64 billion TB), like the maximum file size (Microsoft recommends not exceed 512 TB). Also note, in the changes, the ability to manage many more files in the same directory, the ability to create clusters of 32 MB, management dates in UTC (while in FAT32, the date is based on that of the machine) and the possibility (not yet used) to manage rights (such as NTFS and file systems lately). Advertised as faster than FAT32 and better suited to devices based on flash memory (including the ability to align the file system on the internal structure), exFAT also saves some capacity: on our USB drive test (8 GB) free space increased from 14 MB in FAT32 exFAT. There remains the problem of compatibility: exFAT does natively with Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP1, when a update is needed for Windows XP (SP2).

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    Re: exFAT or NTFS on mac?

    While WinFS has been failed and it does not ultimately part of Windows Vista , Microsoft did not abandon its plans for developing new file systems. Pending an eventual return of WinFS, Microsoft will soon start testing around the exFAT. Extended version of the FAT, the exFAT has already made his debut with Windows CE 6.0 and is expected to arrive soon on our PCs, they run on Vista, XP or Windows Server. Specifically, the system is designed to exFAT disks using flash memory, which generally can not take advantage of NTFS. ExFAT with the size limit allowed by the FAT file has been revised upwards, so it is possible to store 1000 files in one directory. Microsoft also states that the exFAT includes some improvements for future extensions of file systems.

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    Re: exFAT or NTFS on mac?

    It will never happen. Windows will continue with ntfs or others that will be usable anywhere 100% due to licensing. Linux will continue with its multiple filesystems including ext. And Unix / BSD zfs. For example zfs is not integrated into the Linux kernel because of its license and is too complex to become the Windows default filesystem for Mr everyone. According to fair access to shared files it's OK with ntfs and ext in the 3 OS.

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    Re: exFAT or NTFS on mac?

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard added exFAT support in version 10.6.5 on November 10, 2010. OS X 10.6.5 can read, write, and create exFAT partitions.

    Supported operating systems for exFAT:
    Windows Embedded CE 6.0
    Windows XP (including x64) SP2 & later (optional)
    Windows Server 2003 requires SP2 (optional)
    Windows Vista SP1 & later
    Windows 7
    Windows Server 2008
    Mac OS X 10.6.5

    im gonna test out one of my new drives with exFAT right now to run on Ubuntu 10.10, Mac 10.6.5, and windows 7.. keeping my fingers crossed that Sony adds support for the PS3

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