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Thread: Volume/Brightness Controllers Missing

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    Volume/Brightness Controllers Missing

    May be two weeks ago i was having some viruses on my dell laptop and i have successfully removed them out of my machine. But i guess something useful too have gone along with the virus. Actually i am not able to find out an icons for brightness, volume, even the caps lock icon. I have read it somewhere that the this problem can be solved by using the Dell Quickset.

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    Re: Volume/Brightness Controllers Missing

    I guess you can find the volume button from the home itself. Home, I could repost from the keyboard handler (keyboard button that has the volume management): Keyboard Properties> Set keys (Key Settings)> Volume On / Off> Edit and check the "Show status on screen. " If still you didn't got the volume button then it could be the problem of hardware.

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    Re: Volume/Brightness Controllers Missing

    Turn the computer off. Hold down the FN key on the keyboard and press the power button, then release. This should start PSA diagnostic testing. You will see two screens appear sequentially with color bars. On the second screen with color bars, a message asks if you've seen the color bars. Press N (for No) to start self-test (BIST) of the LCD. The self-test (BIST) of the LCD screens of successively more color, accompanied by a beep. Check at that time if there are lines, deformations or abnormalities that you saw in the operating system. Once the diagnosis is complete, you will see an error message appears: This is normal. Press N to complete the diagnostic tests or press Y to continue the PSA diagnostic tests.

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    Re: Volume/Brightness Controllers Missing

    Thank you but this is not quite what I was looking for. Infact, my master volume buttons are on the front of my computer. Before, when I pressed it, a volume bar is displayed, as the volume slider on TV. But now when I, nothing is displayed even if the sound volume is changed. I think it was thanks to "Media Center" that the bar was displayed as the top of my keyboard I have a button "Media Direct" but when I on it, nothing happens before then j 'were entering directly into the software.

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    Re: Volume/Brightness Controllers Missing

    THE solution to find the volume bar, brightness, etc.... wifi indicator: uninstall / reinstall the Dell QuickSet software that performs this function.
    • uninstall: typically in the Control Panel> Programs and Features
    • Reinstall: go to the website of DELL.
    • Click on Choose A Model.
    • Return the character of your PC / notebook, model, OS type, language etc. ..
    • Then Dell offers a download link and presto you run Setup from your hard drive.
    • And the bar reappears qd you play with your keys or the front of the trigger WiFi!

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    Re: Volume/Brightness Controllers Missing

    Go to page Drivers and Downloads. Click Select, Enter your serial number to get a concise list of available drivers for your model. Click OK to continue. Select the operating system and category settings drop-down lists. Select the driver you want to download one of the categories listed on the download page. Click Download to see what drivers are available for download in each category. Read the page content, including sections for installation instructions and important information. Click Download, A warning window may appear and prompt you to run or save the file. Click Save, When the window Save appears, specify a folder to save the file being downloaded, then click Save. The download progress window displays. To start the installation, double-click the downloaded file to run it. Follow the instructions provided. There may be a pause between downloading and installation.

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