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Thread: EZ Flash 2 - the safest way to update BIOS

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    EZ Flash 2 - the safest way to update BIOS

    I am getting an error when I was updating the BIOS in my M2n-Sli Deluxe. I was using the EZ flash 2 to do that and selected the BOIS update. As I selected that it shows me the message that It will restart the computer in 5 second. After the restart it makes the whole screen blank. I am not getting the way to fix this. Can you tell me the best and safest way to update the BIOS? I am going to get a GA-P35-DS3L and therefore I don’t need to upgrade the BIOS right now.

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    Re: EZ Flash 2 - the safest way to update BIOS

    You should get a gigabit board and this will be the best for your specific need. Gigabit has the Q-Flash program which is a great BIOS feature. This feature is built in it and there should be no reason not to make use of it. Don’t make yourself confused between the things that other people may tell you. You should not use software utility and flash.

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    Re: EZ Flash 2 - the safest way to update BIOS

    I think that you should flash your USB using Q-Flash in the BIOS setting.
    • Download the latest driver from internet for your USB drive. You will get it in the zip format and you have to unzip it in the USB drive.
    • Reboot your system and now you have to go to the BIOS setting and there load Qflash. Follow the instructions from it.

    Some people have doubt about the flash and they don’t need to do this but I would like to tell you that it is a good and you need not to worry about it.

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    Re: EZ Flash 2 - the safest way to update BIOS

    You should make sure that any USB drive is formatted as a floppy. Still the floppy drive is valuable and very cheap in price. You should use floppy which has a good quality. Before putting on the BIOS file you should do Full format. You will find that QFlash is built into the main screen of BIOS. Flash utility is built into the BIOS therefore flashing program is not needed.

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    Re: EZ Flash 2 - the safest way to update BIOS

    If you have an overclocked machine then you should never try to flash it. All you need to do is just reset the BIOS setting to the factory Defaults. Save the changes made in BIOS and Exit from BIOS. Reboot your System and run the flash procedure. When Flash boots your system then go to BIOS main menu and again reset the BIOS to its Default factory setting. Save and Exit the BIOS. After booting your System you can go to BIOS and setup the custom settings. You should make a note of the custom setting before you start the procedure.

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    Re: EZ Flash 2 - the safest way to update BIOS

    The easiest and safest method is the floppy method. You have to follow the following steps to do that.
    1. First of all you have to download the File from Gigabyte.
    2. You will find that actual BIOS file is with the name of your board model number and the version number will be the extension to that file.
    3. Install the downloaded file to your floppy drive.
    4. Reboot and go to the BIOS.
    5. Check for the F key at the Bottom. Press that key .
    6. After that all the things are very simple and you will be able to that very easily.

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