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Thread: How to get it back deleted desktop files

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    How to get it back deleted desktop files

    Hi folks...I am a bit shaken now, as I may have lost thousands of hours of work. I am hoping that someone here is reached who can help me, here's what I did: The last four months I worked hard at organizing my life's works & current businesses in "folders" on my desktop - and have learned those should have been shortcuts.

    In my final cleaning today, in my Richard icon folder, their was desktop, and then within that another desktop. Since I have been getting a baloon notice in the lower right saying I am running out of recovery disc space, I thought I must have duplicates as they both had the same size.

    I deleted one, i thought. it was 6000+ files...and a baloon came up saying file names were too long for the recycle bin, do I want to delete permanently? OK i said.

    when it was done my desktop files were gone, and they are not in the recycle bin.

    when I open either the drives or the recycle bin...a baloon comes up about the desktop not being reachable. I know..I should have been doing some kind of back up. It is alot to go into here, but if there's anyone out there in here who wants to help me...I will thank them somehow, including cleaning their bathrooms. Those files represent thousands of hours of work, and my hope to recover from the loss of 5 jobs in 2 years (they all went under).

    Please fwd as needed, and thank you for any help.

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    Re: How to get it back deleted desktop files

    When some files have large size then Windows delete them permanently instead of moving them in the recycle bin. The disk clean up utility has wiped your data out. Now it is really tough to get them back. There are software's like Norton Undelete or other data recovery software. They help to recover data but only if they are pre-installed. Many software's guarantee you to recover data but this is only possible if you try to contact some agency which provides you professional services for data recovery.

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    Re: How to get it back deleted desktop files

    Hi !

    You can use third party data recovery software to recover you deleted files. One is Kernel for data recovery software that i have been used few months ago, when i lost my data accidentally. It works better and very user friendly software that recovers data over a single mouse click.


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