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Thread: Change boot animation in Windows 7

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    Change boot animation in Windows 7

    I need a program that can be configured to run at startup, and copies a bitmap different from your Windows directory , so each time you restart my computer, a different loading screen will be displayed .The bitmaps that can be used must be 640 x 480 pixels and 16 colors only also change the boot animation. I'm looking for a way to change the animation to boot , I find any information about themselves is , is it possible to change the animation? The bitmaps that can be used must be 640 x 480 pixels and 16 colors only also change the boot animation. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Change boot animation in Windows 7

    The aim of the designers of future Microsoft operating system is to inspire the personality light and energetic the latter through this animation, without interfering with the performance. After brainstorming in which words like organic or atmosphere have been cited repeatedly , and after a dozen attempts, the designers have managed to create a beautiful animation of energy from four sources to form a light passing through a window. On a purely technical level , the logo is now displayed in 1024 x 768 pixels and 16 million colors instead of 640 x 480 pixels with 65,000 colors. Despite this amazing technological breakthrough , performance and boot times were not affected. These changes are in contrast to the detriment of the startup sound , whose disappearance will not fail to annoy the most nostalgic , the manager of his being charged after the fact.

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    Re: Change boot animation in Windows 7

    Many utilities to customize the interface of Microsoft's operating system have emerged . Today , the situation has not changed. In just two months of existence , customization utilities dedicated to Windows 7 have already been created ! They come complete customization programs known as WindowsBlind for mention only the principal. We no longer WindowBlinds . This illustrates customization program has existed since Windows 98 . Long before the famous Aero (appeared from Windows Vista ) , WindowBlinds already proposed transparency effects under Windows XP .

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    Re: Change boot animation in Windows 7

    The program concept is simple: with some settings , or more simply by loading a pre-configured (at format . WBA ), the application fully consolidates the graphic style of Windows. The possibilities are virtually no limits: some issues growing eccentricity in his last retrenchments . While the first versions (then Windows 98 ) were particularly demanding material resources, we can truly say that since the road was done. Now, only the price may be a practical barrier for people who want to radically overhaul their systems interface with WindowBlinds. To understand power of the thing , nothing like a little series of screenshots . As you can see , the end result sometimes has more to do with the original .

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    Re: Change boot animation in Windows 7

    You need to use TuneUp Utilities that is a program specializing in personalization. The utility has focused on improving the performance of its operating system by optimizing the maximum . For example, this utility provides the ability to clean the registry, delete the launch of certain programs , to stop unnecessary services performed in the background, etc. In addition to these major features , TuneUp Utilities offers several options to modify the visual aspect of Windows.

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    Re: Change boot animation in Windows 7

    You need to install DeskHedron that is a virtual desktop manager that comes to us straight from Asia. The program has many strengths, which ranks near the best course podium . Firstly , we can greet the lightweight of the executable. All features and visual effects are unhappy in 350 KB ! DeskHedron will not increase either your process: it consumes only 600 KB of RAM. On the menu of rejoicing , by making a shortcut ([ Ctrl + Shift + Z ] ) , you place a snapshot of your desktop to the second plan . By right-clicking on the icon of the program , you can add up to nine virtual desktops . For scrolling , 3D mode , just activate the wheel of his mice . After testing , one word comes to mind ... One can only bow to the excellent work , a big bravo to the developer.

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