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Thread: Error Code 0x80070001 + SBS2008

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    Error Code 0x80070001 + SBS2008

    Hi, i keep on getting error code 0x80070001 "WINDOWS CANNOT INSTALL REQUIRED FILES. MAKE SURE ALL FILES REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION ARE AVAILABLE, AND RESTART THE INSTALLATION.error code:0x80070001 " HP ML 115 G1 server (product code: 445847-135), can anyone help, is there some drivers i have to load during installation via usb...

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    Re: Error Code 0x80070001 + SBS2008

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    Re: Error Code 0x80070001 + SBS2008

    It seems to be Windows is unable to read your USB drive and so its better to copy the installation files to one of your directory on your hard drive. Once done, try to install from there itself. Regarding the drivers, no one can predict if the USB drive that you have inserted will require any drivers or not. It completely depends on product to product. By the way what are you trying to install from USB?

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    Re: Error Code 0x80070001 + SBS2008

    Hi !

    If the reparse point points to a FAT formatted volume, then you receive error code 0x80070001 (Invalid Function).

    To resolve this problem, remove this reparse point from the library, and then run the backup wizard again.


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    Re: Error Code 0x80070001 + SBS2008

    Sorry guys i didnt mean i was installing via usb. im actually doing a clean fresh install, ive formatted the drive. still i receive this error, do u think i shld install another os and then copy sbs2008 onto drive and install from booted machine then.....its if as if its not ready dvd when installing.....very weird

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    Re: Error Code 0x80070001 + SBS2008

    Below is the fix for the error code 0x80070001 on SBS 2008:

    Windows Backup and VSS fail with the following:
    VSS: Volume Shadow Copy Service warning: ASR writer Error 0x80070001. hr = 0x00000000.
    SPP: Shadow copy creation failed because of error reported by ASR Writer. More info: Incorrect function. (0x80070001).
    Backup: Backup started at failed as Volume Shadow copy operation failed for backup volumes with following error code '2155348129'. Please rerun backup once issue is resolved.

    This article works for the following condition:
    1. Vista or Server 2008 Installed
    2. Boot loader resident on C:
    3. Boot manager (BCD) on non-NTFS (OEM) partition
    4. bootrec /fixboot fails in DVD boot command line
    5. OEM partition is marked (EISA CONFIG, ACTIVE)

    In this configuration Windows backup will not operate. It cannot skip the OEM partiton, which is non-NTFS. All volumes must be NTFS in order for Windows Backup to work.

    To correct this situation, you will need approximately 1 hour.

    Please use a 3rd party backup app like BackupExec, to do a complete backup prior to making changes. BackupExec has no issues with non-NTFS partitions. Symantec has a free working 60 day trial available.


    1. In Vista / Server, go into disk manager. Shrink an available volume by say 2 gigs. Then create a new simple volume on that freed space. Format it NTFS. Assign it, for sake of argument, the letter S.
    2. Open a command prompt and complete the following commands
    a. bcdedit /export s:\boot\bcd
    b. bcdedit /store S:\boot\bcd /set {9dea862c-5cdd-4e70-acc1-f32b344d4795} device partition=S:
    c. bcdedit /store S:\boot\bcd /set {b2721d73-1db4-4c62-bf78-c548a880142d} device partition=S:
    d. bcdedit /store S:\boot\bcd /set {466f5a88-0af2-4f76-9038-095b170dc21c} device partition=S:
    e. bcdedit /store S:\boot\bcd /enum all /v
    f. From the DVD Vista / Server media, run bootsect /NT60 S: /Force
    g. Reboot system, notice it is non bootable. Therefore boot with Windows install disk.g
    h. Load into command prompt via recovery console.
    i. Lets use the following assumptions for the next command OEM = Disk 0, Partition 1, S: = Disk 1, Partition 1
    j. Diskpart, list disk, select disk 0, select partition 1, inactive, select disk 1, select partition 1, active, exit.
    k. Reboot. This should work. Failing that try the last step again, it may not have taken.
    l. While in windows, launch command prompt and open diskpart.
    m. Using the previous assumptions. list disk, select disk 0, select partition 1, delete, exit.
    n. reboot
    o. Open Windows backup, delete current configuration and recreate.

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    Re: Error Code 0x80070001 + SBS2008

    Hi Einstein

    Thanx for that reply, now please put that in english....Please excuse me, but im not that technical......also just to clarify, ive got a formatted hdd that has no os on it. i have no put vista on it, but i need sbs2008 on it. i did try those command you gave me "bcdedit".....but my pc give me an access denied error on just bcdedit and a no command error on the strings.....
    the drives are formatted as ntfs......surely when i do a new installation, i delete partitions recreate and format.....(its new and fresh) new installtion should work......pls once again excuse my technical abilities, but i can see you know what ur doing , pls just put it in more simple explanation for and steps....i think i do have problem with bcdedit as i cant run strings, and i only have the installation dvd ,no other...

    kind regRDS
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