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Thread: Shared junction point, Win2K3R2

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    Shared junction point, Win2K3R2

    My boss asked me to create a deployment of Windows XP for the park. The proposed solution was to create Windows images ( . wim ) and deploy them via the deployment services for Windows 2003 ( server side) . Using the Windows AIK to create an answer file (so that the user have nothing to return and that the installation is carried out only ) I can not automate the junction area. So if you have any ideas or scripts to advise me, I 'm interested. I would like to know what a junction ? I think this is important , it is important not to delete.

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    Re: Shared junction point, Win2K3R2

    I used the software Netdom.exe basing myself on this:The NETDOM used is "special Windows XP " , older versions will not avail you nothing . A small startup script for linking the computer to the domain and to create an account :
    echo please wait
    @ NETDOM JOIN % computername % / domain : / userd : admindudomaine / passwordd: passwordadmin
    @ shutdown- r-f - t 5 - c " the computer % computername % has been added to the field "
    @ del script.bat
    Hoping that it helps my automated deployment works 100 %.

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    Re: Shared junction point, Win2K3R2

    To improve the level of Support for Windows 2003, it is possible to install the system Operating on the workstations . To support Windows 2003 machines are needed Pentium II 400 Mhz with 96 MB of RAM . Two new technologies make the use of the OS more practical on clients .This is the Remote Installation Service Remote Installation Service ( RIS) and the Policy Editor Group Policy Editor . RIS simplifies installation Windows 2003 Professional on the PC ( but not those of Windows 2003 Server).

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    Re: Shared junction point, Win2K3R2

    We will now proceed to System Restore. Our server is a domain controller based on Active Directory, it will faloir it restores the whole database. This database contains the vast majority of information system: users, computers , OU , GPO , etc. ... But it is also the whole party to restore Exchange which also contains its own database which is in close collaboration with Active Directory. That is why we must start the restore operation in a mode of Windows -specific recovery of these bases , the true pillars of Windows Server .

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    Re: Shared junction point, Win2K3R2

    It is possible that the backup utility does not support certain files for which he was unable to establish short filenames . The files of the following list in no way affect the functionality of the system if their short names are not defined:

    * Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Recent \ *
    * Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Crypto \ *
    * WINDOWS \ PCHealth \ HelpCtr \ Datacoll \ *
    * WINDOWS \ System32 \ inetsrv \ History \ *

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    Re: Shared junction point, Win2K3R2

    Have you checked your TCP / IP? If your server has the address and your vacancy by ( for example) and that this IP address does not match the range of your server - > problem. In " Active Directory Users and Computers "( thinking about creating a shortcut on the desktop , it is used all the time), do you see the name of your mail? Removes it otherwise , is then : Start - > run: gpupdate / force ( very useful command to enable the changes in group policy without having to reboot the server, running in most cases) . then redo the manip to join the computer to the domain.

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