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Thread: Policy settings cannot be saved in gpedit.msc

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    Policy settings cannot be saved in gpedit.msc

    I have a domain member server which is working onto the windows 2003 server. Recently, I moved to configure its local policy settings with the help of gpedit but when I exit and open up the gpedit, the changes not getting saved and were reverted to Not Configured.

    I have tested that domain policies/higher level policies that did not have such type of configurations , so there is no any conflict (I also executed the RSoP on that member server as well to be sure that there is no domain configuration were pushed down). There were no other error comes up, so I am not sure what is the actual issues ..

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    Re: Policy settings cannot be saved in gpedit.msc

    From the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, local policy configurations are stored within the security database (Secedit.sdb) before the configuration are implemented on to the system. However, from the Microsoft Windows Server 2003, local policy configurations are no longer recorded in the local security database. RSOP does not display the effective local policy configurations because I am not getting any local GPO store for security policy within the Windows Server 2003.Just because of that, Ia m not getting any local policy to implement so it would not reflect in the RSoP. The configurations displayed within the RSoP are indeed your policy state that was propagated via the group policy.

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    Re: Policy settings cannot be saved in gpedit.msc

    Please configure the audit domain policy with the value as Not Configured in default domain policy. The ISS product is also assumes as to cause this very problem . If you are running with the installation of the same , please perform the uninstallation or if possible to do then make it disable to test this problem once again. Meanwhile, to isolate the influence of another services, please start into the Clean Boot or Safe Mode and the try to configure audit policy.

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    Re: Policy settings cannot be saved in gpedit.msc

    The HKLM\Security\Policy\PolAdtEv registry key will updated when configuring the audit policy. Please go for the following steps to validate and check the permission onto the registry key.

    1) Launch the regedit.

    2) Move to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security.

    3) Make a right-click onto the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security and choose “Permissions”.

    4) Allow the administrators with FULL Control onto the privileges.

    5) Check out, if the System account contains the Full Control permission of this key, if not then grant the System account with Full Control permission.

    6) Move to the sub-key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policy\PolAdtEv.

    7) Right-click onto the key and choose “Permissions….”.

    8) Grant the system account with FULL Control privileges .

    9) After doign all these , try to edit the audit policy and save the configurations again.

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