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Thread: Remote access with windows home server

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    Remote access with windows home server

    I have a little problem with remote access. I may well get connected, access the share but can not I connect to a remote machine that is the server itself

    WHS PP1 U.S.
    2.5 to 450 G0 Free

    Windows Server Firewall
    - Ports 80, 443 etc. are authorized remote and local access.
    - Remote access is permitted in conventional remote access local. I can connect to my server but not with RDP RemoteAccess.

    - Ports 80, 443 etc. are authorized and directed to the fixed ip of my server.
    - The UPnP is enabled.

    Does any one has an idea regrading this? Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Remote access with windows home server

    If I'm using the web interface on Windows Home Server to registration I get the GUI. I see only the tab "Home" and "Shared Folders". But how do I get the tab "computer"? If any one has done this before then please let me know. Also, this is a remote connection and the remote connection of my computer is not working. Do you have a configuration file for this. Thank you.

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    Re: Remote access with windows home server

    I think this should work automatically, this does not require any separate remote connection. If you are using internet explorer or firefox then it should automatically there. Rather I think firefox has an plugin for this, I am not sure about Internet explorer but firefox surely has a separate plugin for this. You can find the plugin in the Mozilla plugin repository.

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    Re: Remote access with windows home server

    Is there a possibility of something like a Windows Home Server Remote Access in Windows Server 2003 Enterprise? this is my company's requirement as ssl come from anywhere in this data. Also, can I use the SSL for more encryption of the data. Thank you.

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    Re: Remote access with windows home server

    I know the Home Server is now enough to know exactly how this remote access is working, but when I imagine all you really looking for something like LogMeIn Remotely anywhere. Add to this a DynDNS (or of course a fixed IP) and the whole public. But I would not use the professionals work for, I would rather recommend VPN.

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