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Thread: XBOX with WHS and Media Center

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    XBOX with WHS and Media Center

    I have a WHS server and an xbox 360, is it a possibility to establish a connection with windows media center? a tool for WHS? so I do not have the simple connection? Any more discussion on this is appreciated. Thank you for your replies in advance.

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    Re: XBOX with WHS and Media Center

    I also have an XBox360 with WHS. You must look for the media release in the Home Server Console.
    Then with your XBox360 under - my XBox - the right to go on - system settings - network settings - for free PC connection.
    You see then if a connection can be found on your WHS. If you then want to select as photos you must click on the server and you will get them.

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    Re: XBOX with WHS and Media Center

    Thanks for the quick response! yes it works with me, every thing works movies music etc.. But times have you seen if you directly with a windows media center connecting the xbox what one has for possibilities like that? looks more beautiful sight and one could only feel a pressure on the xbox remote. If you guys know this then please let me know. Thank you.

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    Re: XBOX with WHS and Media Center

    No, the WHS is not an XBOX Media Center Extender and therefore may not be well for him. But you need an XP MCE or Vista. There is an Add on for it now? So I have until now only one for the PS3 found. Would in fact also prefer to use the direct media center. So, if you need you can try the add on and see it this works. I guess you will find some thing that will solve your problem.

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