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Thread: How to enable Remote Web Access in Windows XP SP3

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    How to enable Remote Web Access in Windows XP SP3

    I have installed the Terminal Server service on my machine (XP Pro, SP3), I am able to access it from another post on the LAN, but using the tool to connect to Remote Desktop (RDP). I would now like to configure access to Web Remote Desktop. But unfortunately, when I click on details of "service world wide web, I did not" Web connection to Remote Desktop in the list. I am even more surprised that yet, the terminal Server service is running fine. What can I do to install this service? Please help.

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    Re: How to enable Remote Web Access in Windows XP SP3

    To use the Remote Desktop Connection, it must take into account several prerequisites:
    * the host (ie the remote machine on which you will connect) must have Wndows XP proffessional, Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003
    * the client (ie the local machine with which you will connect) must have:
    o Windows XP (Pro or Home) or Windows Server 2003
    o Windows Me, Windows 98 or Windows 2000, in which case it will install the feature (you can find the installation file on the CD of Windows XP or on Microsoft's site)
    o Mac OS and the software "Customer CBD" (available at the following address here)
    * you must have a network connection on which is the host, either directly or on the network through a VPN
    * port 3389 must be opened because the connection will be via this TCP port
    * You must have at least one account with a password on the host computer

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    Re: How to enable Remote Web Access in Windows XP SP3

    On the host, it must allow the remote connection on the machine, then:
    * click Start, right click on My Computer and click Properties
    * go to the tab Using Remote
    * check Allow users to connect remotely to this computer
    From here you can choose the accounts that have the right to connect remotely by clicking on Select Remote Users.

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    Re: How to enable Remote Web Access in Windows XP SP3

    On the client computer, you will need:Configuration client 01
    * launch the application: Start> All Programs> Accessories> Communications> Remote Desktop Connection
    * enter the IP address or NetBios name / DNS of the host machine in the field Computer
    * click Login
    * enter your login and password for your account on the host machine in the fields provided for this purpose
    You are now in a window displaying the Office of the host, a bar appears at the top of the window allowing you to stop the connection at any time.

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    Re: How to enable Remote Web Access in Windows XP SP3

    It is possible to access the desktop remotely through a web browser like Internet Explorer. To install this service HTTP Internet Information Server on the station Remote Desktop sharing:

    * In the menu Start, click Control Panel
    * Since the classic view, double click on the icon Add / Remove Programs
    * Click Add or Remove Windows Components
    * Double click on the online Internet Information Services (IIS) to obtain details

    * Double click on the World Wide Web Service
    * Check the box Web Connection Remote Desktop

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    Re: How to enable Remote Web Access in Windows XP SP3

    To access the remote access server (VPN server or host) it is necessary to specify the address (IP address or host name). If it does not have an IP address fixed, it will be necessary to the equip a dynamic device naming (DynDNS) able to assign a domain name and specify this name.

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