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Thread: Open candy file problem

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    Open candy file problem

    I would like to know how come the open candy application appearing on my hard disk. This file is really troubling me because it appears as my system has stopped working normally that is i am not able to get my system work as efficiently as it use to work before i had this so called open candy file. This will definitely help me to resolve the issue. i have been using windows 7 on my desktop computer. Please help me in this regard.

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    Re: Open candy file problem

    I searched for the same and found that this is not a virus it is a social networking website which shares softwares developed by individual and there it pays the user for installing the downloads and also it generates revenue from the software promoter so there is nothing like that it will install an application on your computer itself. i think that this is a fake antivirus application which is installed on your system so please so simply scan your system using an antivirus application.

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    Re: Open candy file problem

    Download, update and run the program Malwarebytes AntiMalware. After this has been done follow the steps which are mentioned below:
    • Download the tool ComboFix.exe and save to your desktop.
    • Temporarily disable Antivirus and / or Antispyware.
    • Close all open windows.
    • Do it double click the ComboFix.exe file and follow the instructions.
    • When done, generate a record in C: \ ComboFix.txt.

    Once generated the report is important that you restart your computer, and that some malwares containing random names they change every restart.

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    Re: Open candy file problem

    It would be better to install eScan Anti-Virus program as its name suggests, flush your PC virus villains lying everywhere on the Internet (or elsewhere). Easy to use, eScan Anti-Virus gets within reach of everyone with a clear interface, separated into five categories. "Shares" allows you to run a scan of your entire system or select the folder to control. It is also possible to analyze the registry, a floppy disk or CD. The "Constitution" gives you an overview of the status of your PC and the date of the last scan performed.

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