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Thread: 680 No Dial Tone/Windows 7

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    680 No Dial Tone/Windows 7

    I have an ADSL modem that works for years without any problems. It has broken the connection several times , each time seeing the modem started blinking and I got the message Error 680: no dial tone. Unable to reconnect , it does not work again after a reboot. I am using windows 7. I try to connect to the Internet but an error 680 occurs and you have no dial tone. This incident is most often related to a hardware problem. Please help.

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    Re: 680 No Dial Tone/Windows 7

    If you do not hear a dial tone :
    - Check that the line is not in use .
    - Plug the telephone handset to the modem's jack labeled " phone " and make sure you can hear a dial tone in the handset.
    - If multiple modems are configured or if you recently changed your hardware configuration , make sure that the Dial -Up Networking is configured to use the modem and the appropriate parameters. For this, double- click StartThen double - click Panel then Network Connections. Make a right-click on the icon for your Internet connection and select Properties.

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    Re: 680 No Dial Tone/Windows 7

    If you hear the tone:
    - shorten the extension phone you use to connect your modem to the phone.
    - Remove multiple sockets
    - it is possible that your computer dealer has given you a splitter which is not compatible with the Swiss standard. Try changing your grip pull-out .
    - If after changing your grip pull-out you can not connect , it is possible that your modem is defective. Contact in this case your computer retailer .

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    Re: 680 No Dial Tone/Windows 7

    The first check is to shut down and reboot your modem. If you use an external modem just turn it off then on again after 10 seconds. If you have an internal modem , it is necessary to turn off your computer 30 seconds then on again (a simple reboot does not). You can then retest the connection. If the connection does not work, we recommend you verify that your modem is properly connected.

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    Re: 680 No Dial Tone/Windows 7

    We recommend that you check your PBX. To do this:
    A ) Disconnect all devices connected to your telephone line (telephone , fax , answering machine , Minitel ... ). Then repeat a connection test .
    B ) If you use an extension phone we recommend you do a connection test without this extension .
    C) If this does not , it may be that your phone line is abnormal . We advise you to contact your local telecom.

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    Re: 680 No Dial Tone/Windows 7

    I do not know what operating system you have , but I would check : Let your modem is detected and operational ( Device Manager), They well put the right information for your Internet account, What your not a firewall that would prevent your connection, Whether your connection and port enabled in its " Internet Connections " check if your phone line plugged into your modem , sometimes the thread " does not click properly ".

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