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Thread: Windows 7 Crashes/Freezes when playing ANY Video files

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    Windows 7 Crashes/Freezes when playing ANY Video files

    I have recently installed windows 7 operating system on my computer. I had installed this operating with the help of my friends through a official DVD. But now I am facing some problem with this operating system. It keeps on crashing whenever I try to play any video. The setup was proper here. But I am not able to figure out why this system keeps on crashing after a fresh setup.

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    The DVD that you are using might not be appropriate due to which you are getting issue. You have to try some other working DVD for the same. You can also use a trial edition directly by downloading that from the official site of Microsoft and then run the update. That will add more stability. Before installing any game or software just check the minimum system requirement.

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    I had gone with this issue when I was trying to add a lot of Windows XP software and games on the same. And it fails to work. Later on it started working properly when I formatted it with a different disc. And it is better to avoid installing old games so that the OS settings are not messed up. Once you are done with setup try to create a complete image file of your OS. In case if you face any problem in future you can just restore your system back again through that.

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